Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Uncle Eden is here!

Steph - you will be happy to see that Eden has finally arrived safely. Eden is here for 5 days to go on a big fishing trip with a heap of the guys from church. I can tell Eden is getting older as although he loves his fishing still, he isn't keen on leaving at 3am tomorrow morning! Before he wouldn't have thought twice about it. You definitely value your sleep more as you get older!

He was supposed to arrive this morning at 10.30 but missed his plane. We didn't think that we would get to see him until Saturday when he got back from the fishing trip, but we had a nice suprise tonight with him dropping in with Mum.

The boys were excited to see him, although I don't think Harri really remembered who he was - he kept calling him 'Jared'.

Eden is loving our cool Tasmanian weather (not!) and told us all to start praying for good fishing weather. Hopefully they won't end up getting snowed on.

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