Saturday, 27 October 2007

Basketball Tournament

Aaron just got back from coaching his second game of basketball in the inter-schools tournament today. Last year he coached the boys team, but this year the grade 10 girls asked if he would coach them. They are really understanding and know that he won't be able to coach them on Sunday (they play both days on the weekend) but are happy for him to just come and coach on the Saturday.

The girls won both of their games today which means they have one more game to win tomorrow and then hopefully tomorrow afternoon they will be in the final. Aaron is usually the only teacher from the school who turns up to watch the kids play. He also went to watch the boys team play today.

The students are really appreciative that he comes to help out, and today the girls gave him a gift voucher from Balls n Bumpers to say thank you to him for giving up his weekend. I'm sure he will find something gold and brown there that he will be happy with!

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  1. Aaron you sound like a super coach. 100% record. I think if you get sick of teaching, take up some courses in bball :)



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