Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Movement to Music

After Harri's swimming lesson today we hung around to watch the 'Movement to Music' class, as Pip and Oliver were doing it today, as well as another little baby we know - Molly.

It is a class mainly for babies and toddlers, but there were some older kids there too. They have kids music blaring through the stereo and for each song they do different things in the water. They use lots of Playschool songs. The kids all seems to love it. The woman who takes it is very energetic and sprays the kids with water all the time. It was very funny.

It was so cute watching Oliver throughout the class. He would keep looking to Pip to see her reaction to different songs.

Harri is improving so much this term with his swimming. The first term this year he didn't really enjoy it that much -I had to bribe him to do the things they wanted him to do. This term he loves it and everyday he asks 'going swimming today Mum?'. He is definitely the gamest out of the class and goes under the water all the time now. Today he probably went under about 10 times and was so excited. He is even wanting me to let go of him as he thinks he can actually swim! Today the teacher let him 'swim' about half a metre on his own as she pushed him towards me. He wasn't fussed at all - just came up dripping with a big grin on his face.


  1. I think that guy in the background is checking Pip out!!!!

  2. Ha! Chels - that is James - Molly's Dad. Pip and James know each other. :)

  3. opps then I take back what I said! Dont want to embarrass anyone! you can delete my posts!!!!!!! he he!!!


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