Friday, 26 October 2007

Class Excursion

Today Noah's class went on an excursion to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Inveresk, and then walked to City Park for lunch and a play. A maxi taxi picked up Noah from school to take him and Di, and after the car wash today Harri and I decided to meet his class at the park so we could play and also take him home, to save the school having to get another taxi. It was also a nice opportunity to spend some time at the park with Noah and Harri while I had Di helping.

Harri and I got there before the class did so we spent some time playing and then went to see the ducks. Harri was over the ducks very quick and kept on pointing over the monkeys and said he wanted to go there.

Noah's class finally turned up and Noah looked so cute with his friend Holly pushing him along.

We said hi and then Harri and I went over to the see the monkeys. Di told Harri all he had to do was look in the mirror :) On the way to the monkeys I wanted to stop and take photos but Harri wasn't impressed!

As we were walking back to the playground I saw Di and Noah talking to a couple. I had no idea who they were from behind, and thought Di must have ran into some friends. I got a nice surprise to see it was Noah's other carer - Bridget and her fiance Mal. We hadn't met Mal before so it was lovely to meet him and to see them so happy together. Bridget will only be working with us till mid December and then she then gets married and moves to Hobart.

The kids then had a lovely time playing.

Harri was being mothered by all of Noah's little girlfriends. It was nice as they were all helping to watch him so I got to sit with Di and Noah for a while.

I went to check on Harri and came back to find Sian and Grace laying on the blanket with Noah talking to him and rubbing his head. It was so lovely.

He has made some lovely friends this year and it is so nice how the kids just accept him and aren't scared of him at all. Di was telling me yesterday that there is a new boy at school who just kept asking questions about him all day and was very curious. We forget how the kids are just so used to him now and accept him for who he is.


  1. Great to see Noah with all his little friends, he is quite the popular kid.

  2. What a lovely day they had. Great to see that Noah has so many friends, and that they love to spend time and help him! Harri looks like he had a great time to!


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