Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Liberty Swing

Today we went and picked up the key for the Liberty Swing, and also had a lesson on how to use it. It is a swing designed especially for wheelchairs - you wheel the wheelchair straight onto it and lock it down and then swing it.

Noah's special school had it installed at the beginning of this year. I believe that it cost around $30,000! Now that we have a key we are able to take Noah there anytime we want. It will be great as there is a nice little park across the road from the school (both are a 3 min walk from our house) so as the nights are warming up and getting longer we will walk up there and Noah can have a swing, while the boys play at the park.

Harri was very excited as there is also a little seat the he can sit on to have a swing.


  1. that is awesome! does noah like it? are their other kids at school who use it?

  2. Noah does like it - you can see his eyes get really big when he is really alert and awake. The kids all use it at school and any family can get a key (you just pay a bond for the key). I only just found out you can get a key or I would have done it sooner. Another parent told me.

  3. wow what a great swing, I bet Noah has a blast on it. Really great that it is so close to your house and you can use it anytime.


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