Sunday, 28 October 2007

Primary Presentation

Today the Primary kids gave their yearly Primary Presentation at church. I volunteered to take on the roll to put it altogether this year (silly me - I didn't realise what a big job it was going to be!). We are given the theme, songs and scriptures we are to use and the rest is up to us. Throughout the year we collected the kids talks that they would give every week, and then I chose the best talks to go with each scripture and song.

Each of the kids did such a great job. Their singing sounded so good today and all of them did their talks so well. Noah even got to participate this year with the help of Aaron and his big mack switch. Jalen recorded his part into the switch and when it was his turn Aaron helped him to press the switch. Funny thing was that I think Noah was actually asleep during his part and woke up later on!

After the presentation was over we had a little party to celebrate. The nursery kids also came out so Harri was very excited. Lisa asked Harri if he was okay (making sure he was able to get some food) and he replied 'yeah - having lots of fun!'.

We are sad this year as 5 of our kids in Primary are turning 12 and going up to Young Men's and Young Women's. They all did a great job and I got a bit teary at the end when they got up and said it was their last presentation. We will miss them heaps in Primary.

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