Friday, 12 October 2007

Another tooth gone!

Tonight while Di was bathing Noah she yells out 'Lisa - are you there?!'. I frantically ran in thinking that he was having a bad seizure or something and she needed some help. Lucky for me it was another emergency - he had lost his third tooth, but she had no idea where it had gone! We searched his mouth but couldn't see it and also couldn't see it in the bath anywhere, so we thought he may have swallowed it. We thought we may get a little surprise in one of his nappies in the next few days :)

The boys jumped in the bath later and we saw the tooth sitting on the bottom - nice and clean! So far Aaron and I have missed all three of his teeth coming out and Di has been there each time!! We keep stirring her saying that she must punch him or something which is why she always gets to see them come out.

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