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I started my blog to record family memories and want to keep it that way.  I do not do sponsored or paid posts for businesses or products, but have been very blessed since Noah and Aaron passed away.

The following businesses have not approached me to promote them and are not paying me to advertise for them.  I want to promote them because they are businesses which I love, and they have been so kind and generous to me and my boys without expecting anything in return.  They have made our lives so much easier in different ways.  In particular they have helped us to know that we are not alone as we continue our lives without Noah and Aaron. 

We can never thank enough (click on each picture to a link for more information):

Equilibrium Chiropractic Launceston - ph. 6331 2217

Bioresonance Therapy Clinic Launceston - ph. 6344 6467

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