Monday, 15 October 2007

'Blankie' is lost!!!

Yes - I know - it sounds like a disaster doesn't it!? Anyone who knows Harri, knows how much he LOVES his 'blankie'. His blankie is actually a very cut up and smaller version of his large woolen blanket that was in his cot as a baby.

One day a couple of years ago, Harri was feeling really sick and wouldn't sleep during the day, so I let him stay up but made him lay on the couch with his blanket over him. It obviously felt very comforting to him, as ever since that day he wanted the 'blankie' out of his cot all the time and he wanted to take it EVERYWHERE!!!

For a year or so we would let him use the big blankie, but after a while we got very sick of it - especially in the Summer time. Carrying a huge cot sized blanket is not a good look :)

It has gradually gotten smaller and smaller. Mum cut it down to start with and re-hemmed all the satin green ribbon around the edges. I thought Harri would freak out about it, but he loved it and kept saying 'Mama did it', and was very proud of Grandma's handy work.

Everytime it gets thrown in the washing machine it falls to pieces a little bit more, so last time I washed it I cut it down smaller again. This time it was VERY small. Whenever we go somewhere we have to take it with us.

Last year we went to the Gold Coast for Noah's Make a Wish trip, and Harri had to carry his blankie all around Surfers Paradise! At that stage it was huge and it was so hot up there, so it looked ridiculous!

As it has gotten smaller it has been easier to just get it off him and put it in the bag on the back of Noah's wheelchair. Usually after half an hour or so, he will remember his blankie and will pull it back out of the bag. The other day the Assistant Principal at school told him that he can't bring blankie to Kinder as there isn't enough room for blankies and he just glared at her!

Anyway - yesterday afternoon I remember him having his blankie - as he was putting it in the kitchen drawer! I then had to take Noah to the Dr (he has another urinary tract infection!!! grrrr) and when I came back it was bedtime for the boys, but the blankie was no where to be seen.

We put Harri in bed without it and kept looking all night for it. Harri kept calling out 'my blankie!' but wasn't too distressed as he knew we were looking for it. He actually fell asleep without it. I was worried he was going to wake during the night and freak out but he didn't. This morning he has been asking for it a few times but we went out to school, the gym, Kmart and Coles with NO blankie and he survived it okay! He always wants it when he is really tired and sometimes it is handy to have it when we are at Drs appointments etc as it helps him to sit down quietly with it and relax, so I can talk to the Dr properly.

I have just put him to bed now for his afternoon nap and he asked for it and knows that I am 'looking' for it, but looks like he will settle down to sleep without it. I am thinking it is probably a good thing. This is how we got rid of Jay's dummy in the end - one night it 'accidently' got lost and Aaron spent the night looking for it and in the meantime Jay fell asleep without it.
I told Jay this morning that if he finds it (more like when - it HAS to be around here somewhere!) that he shouldn't tell Harri, but just give it to me. I'm hoping that this may be the end of 'blankie' once and for all.


  1. Lost blankie, that is a crisis.
    Hope Hari continues to handle life without blankie. Great pics.

  2. something must be going around...we got oscar to cut up his dummies and throw them in the bin a couple of nights ago! so far, so good! how do you take such awesome pics??


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