Monday, 1 October 2007

Day off school

Last night on the way home from Mum and Dad's, Noah's aide from school rang us on our mobile. She has been sick all week and wasn't well enough to go back to school today. His other aide was also not available to work so I decided to keep him home from school today.

This morning at 8am the Assistant Principal rang to see if we knew his aide was sick and to see if we wanted her to organise a relief aide for the day. I told her not to worry, as I know that whoever they got wouldn't know Noah very well and I hate sending him to school for the whole day when someone doesn't know him. It is hard for them to know if his day is a 'normal' one or not. His aides Angie and Di know him so well and know to tell me if he has had more seizures than normal, or that he has vomited more than normal etc. They also know how to read him and I would hate for him to have someone who doesn't really know what he is meaning by particular things he does.

Noah seemed quite happy to be 'home' all day with us. He has been smiling most of the day.

We went to the gym in the morning. On the way out the door this morning Harri asked 'Jay coming to gym?' (as sometimes he comes with us in the school holidays) and I told him that Jay wasn't but Noah was, and he pumped the air with his fist and yelled 'yesssss!'. Harri is always so good with Noah and today in the car Noah started vomiting, and Harri yells 'quick help him Mum!'.

The woman in the child care at the gym told me today it is always a 'pleasure' to have Noah. I guess he is a lot quieter than the other kids :)

I had no gym buddies at the gym today. It is always extra hard to get motivated to go when I know that Simone or Bonnie won't be there as well. It was good though - I'm always glad when class is over that I have gone, and got talking to a couple of other girls that go all the time, so it wasn't too bad.

After the gym Harri, Noah and I walked over to Kmart. Harri spotted at least 10 things that he wanted to buy and kept saying 'wait for Christmas Mum?', as he knows that is always going to be my comeback :)

After we got home we had a nice surprise with Becky and Kelsea dropping in on their way down to Hobart. Its nice having them back up North again. Kelsea was all over Noah again - it was so cute. Noah was really happy when she was here and she would touch him and he would give her a big smile.

Just after Becky left, Dad and Chrish called in. It turned out to be a busier day than I had planned. Dad tried to humor Harri by talking Pokemon with him.


  1. Gee i almost thought you were going to say, you didn't go to the gym today. Never mind I got 3hrs of quilting done so all was not lost. I made sure next week's quilting class was back to 11am so we could still keep our "appointment" together. He,he.

  2. Noah looks so happy, love seeing him with his cousin.

  3. How often does Simone drive all the way in to go to the gym? I love running with friends... it makes exercise so fun!

  4. Chels
    I hate running! Simone doesn't though - she loves it. She comes into the gym about 4 times a week - one day she also has basketball, so it is just one trip in that day for bball and the gym. She is definitely very motivated to drive from Westbury all the time!


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