Monday, 8 October 2007

Four Seasons in One Day

Lately Jay is coming out with different things that makes me realise how much he is growing up. On the way home from school today he asked me if I had ever heard of 'four seasons in one day'. It has just started raining. I laughed and said that I had and asked him where he heard it. He said his teacher at school - Mrs C was talking to the kids about it. Our weather in the past couple of weeks has been SO weird.

Every single morning I wake up at 6am and look outside and the sky is so blue and I think it is going to be a really nice, sunny day. I often get a load of washing out on the clothes line before I take the boys to school. Then by about 9.30am (usually when I'm at class at the gym) the sky comes over cloudy, it gets windy and it starts spitting.

I get home and take the clothes off the line and then an hour later the sun comes right out again! Then the other day it kept doing that all day, and then mid afternoon it started hailing!! One good thing though about showers and then sun is that we have been getting some pretty rainbows. I can't wait for this crazy weather to pass and for the warm, sunny weather to stay!


  1. Love Tassie rainbows - (I'll get the photos tomorrow, you probably don't believe me anymore :)

  2. Lisa that picture is beautiful.
    We have had nice warm weather here but the rain is coming in tomorrow


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