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 Becky and Jared

Carli and Winston

The Woodwards



Becky and Steve



  1. Thankyou for being strong enough to share such a touching story. It mustn't be easy.. You're whole family deserve all the happiness in the world after dealing with such a sad loss! xo

  2. I hope you dont mind me sending you a message. I have never met you but have friends in Tassie and through them i heard about your blogg.
    I have been so touched by your raw yet honest feelings about loosing Aaron and Noah.I sit here reading with tears flowing so hard that i cant read the words.
    We so often say we are enduring to the end but real "Enduring to the End" is when you are faced with a situation that feels so hard to get through or to carry on. You will know that more than ever now.

    You know you will see him again. You know it was his time. you know all these things and its great but its the many "firsts" with out him, your time each day for laughs, talks, cuddling up and supporting each other when needed. to hear his voice, his silly jokes and teasing. This is what the heart has to work through.
    I pray that you find the strength that you need to get through each moment, each day, each week, each month and that eventually your heart will feel like it wont break.
    Hold on to the thought that Families are forever. This will give you hope when you needed at your lowest moments.

    You have taught me so much this last few days with your strength, love and humility more than you will ever know.

    Thank you so very much.

    Your Sister in the Gospel
    Donna Lewis
    Pilbara, WA


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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