Friday, 2 November 2007


Yesterday I finally got to take Noah to see the ENT specialist after waiting 3 months for an appointment. It took 2 months to convince his paediatrician that it was important enough to get a referral. I often have to keep going on about the same thing to get a referral to see a specialist. 14 months ago Noah got his tonsils and adenoids removed. After he had it done he was a totally different boy - so much more alert and awake and so much healthier. It's amazing what being able to breath better can do for you!

Over the last 6 months I have noticed that Noah hasn't been able to breath as well again. He has started snoring again and I noticed some swelling in his nose again. He has also been getting a lot of sinus infections and has been very irritable on and off over the past 6 months (we were thinking he was possibly getting headaches from his sinuses). I jumped on the internet (what would we do without the net!!?) and discovered that adenoids can actually grow back. I was hoping that wasn't what had happened.

Yesterday when I went to see the ENT he first of all said that he didn't think that would have been the case, but after looking down Noah's nose with a special camera (which Noah wasn't very happy about!) he said that they have grown back!! He then told me that he didn't do the surgery himself last time. Since we did it through the public system we were just given whoever was on that day to do the surgery, and he said that a junior registrar did it and obviously he didn't take enough of the adenoids out, as they have grown back.

He then said that Noah needed to get them taken back out and that he would put us back on the waiting list. Last time we waited 9 months and I asked him if it was going to take that long again. He said because this time it would be day surgery the wait would be up to three months and that he can't guarantee who would do it again.

He then told me that we could pay for him to do it privately and that he could do it next week if we wanted. After getting a price list of how much it was going to cost and coming home to think about it I rang back his office to tell them we wanted to do it privately. They then tell me that his list for next week had booked up since we had seen him (one hour before!) and we now have to wait 6 weeks!!! I was so frustrated. I just want Noah to be well again and hate that he has to wait so long for something that should have been done right in the first place. It is going to cost a lot to get done privately, but I just want it to happen soon and to be done right, so he can be well. Hopefully once it is done, he will be a lot happier and healthier again.


  1. Lisa we will be praying that Noah can get the surgery done soon. Poor guy, being able to breathe correctly sure makes a difference.

  2. How frustrating. Honestly i would swear you know more than those guys sometimes. They don't give you enough credit. Where does that junior registrar live!!

  3. I feel for you Lisa - every time we read more of Noah's ups and downs it makes me love you all more. We all love you.


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