Friday, 26 October 2007

Bush Dance

Tonight we had a ward bush dance at church. They hired a really good band and had it all set up with trees on the walls and hay bales etc. It looked great. The boys were really excited to go, but Jalen surprised me so much! He loved dancing and danced all night long!! He kept on asking either Aaron or I to dance with him, and when we were too tired he would go and grab someone else! I just hope he is the same as he gets older.

I think Jade was glad to have a partner, but maybe she wished he was just a little bit older! Jay was actually a pretty good dancer and he told me that all the Young Adults in his group kept telling him that he was a good dancer.

Harri had one dance the whole night - the Hokey Pokey, with Carol O. The rest of the night he had heaps of fun running around with the other kids his age.

Half way through the night they had a pinjata for the kids. I think Bishop told Harri to pretend it was Aaron's head!

There was one funny dance where someone in each group was 'the pin' or something like that. Part of the way through the dance 'the pin' had to run somewhere and hide, and then at the end of the dance each group had to go and find them. Mick thought he was very clever when he went down the manhole and under the floor! It took his group a long time to find him.

Annette took this photo on her camera of Bonnie and I cracking up laughing at someone - not sure who it was - probably Bishop who was spinning everyone around so hard and making them dizzy.

Noah was really happy all night. He loved the music and kept smiling. Maybe he was just laughing at Aaron and I dancing!


  1. love the action shot with the lollies flying everywhere!

  2. I do believe Jay was the best dancer there! he knew what to do when the other boys didn't! He is pro! ... Plus I reckon the best dancing partner I have had in ages... apart fom my own bro! Guess who xxx


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