Friday, 26 October 2007

Boardies for Bella

This week at Kings Meadows High School they have been fund raising for little Bella - the girl that we met in hospital, who needs a liver transplant. Since Aaron is in charge of the Prefects, he is also in charge of fund raising and gets to help the prefects choose who they will do charity for (they usually are fund raising for one charity or another at any one time).

Today was 'Boardies for Bella' day at the school. All the students and teachers could wear board shorts and surfie/Summer gear and could donate money for Bella. Some of the teachers also paid $5 each to have their cars washed by the Prefects - with all the money going to Bella's transplant. Bella's family was rung today by one of the prefects and were told that this week the school has raised over $1000 for her. They were very excited.

After the gym this morning, Harri and I took the van up to school to be washed. Harri had a great time helping the Prefects and Aaron wash the cars.

I think I heard at least 20 times 'oh isn't he sooooo cute'! (I'm sure they were talking about Harri, not Aaron!!!).

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  1. Harri, you are such a big boy helping to wash the car


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