Thursday, 11 October 2007

Show Day

Today was a public holiday for the Launceston Show Day holiday. We don't go to the show every year - we usually go every second or third year. We always say it is a waste of money and weren't planning on taking the boys this year. The last time we went was three years ago - just after Harri was born. I remember carrying him around in the baby pouch and feeling really tired :)

This morning we had a nice lazy morning - sleeping in till 7.30 (that is a big sleep in for us!) and then watching the morning news on TV and lazing in bed before getting up at about 9am.

Jay had been begging us all week to go to the show and we kept telling him that we weren't going because it was a waste of money. While we were in bed we were talking about how much the boys would love the show, and decided that after an appointment that we had with Noah, we would surprise the boys and go. I was also thinking about having a hot greasy dagwood dog all morning, so that convinced me to go. They were both so excited when we said we were going. Harri thought we were actually going to a 'show' - as in a show at the theatre or going to the movies as he kept on asking 'which show Mummy?'.

The best thing is always the animals. Harri has all of a sudden become very scared of lots of different animals and freaked out about all the animals except for the dog and the ducks! Jalen on the other hand loved all the animals and rushed in to pat the animals and also loved seeing the snakes. Noah wasn't keen on patting the lamb and kept on pulling his hands back every time he would touch it.

Whenever we came across something technological, Harri had to stop and sit for ages having a turn! We eventually had to drag him away screaming or he would have never left the computers.

Jay thought it was great being able to jump on the police bike.

I can never resist a massage so when they were offering massages cheap for 5 minutes, I jumped at the chance. The lady kept saying 'I can see you are a busy Mum, so I will give you an extra few minutes for free'. I must have been looking very tired and hagged!! :)

As soon as Harri saw the dodgem cars he ran straight over to them and wanted a turn. When we went on Noah's Make a Wish trip to the Gold Coast Harri was too little to have a turn, so he was excited that he could go on them this time. He was very serious for most of the ride - just watching the people driving into them, but every time he would go past us he would give us a little wave.

The boys had lots of fun on all the little rides. Jay went on the mini kids roller coaster (very mini!) and he thought he was a huge dare devil - putting his arms in the air and screaming. It was very funny to watch.

Jay's favourite thing was the HUGE inflatable slide. He kept getting to the end and yelling 'wicked!!'. Harri wasn't keen on standing and watching and wanted to get on too, but it was way too big for him.

We had to get the good old show favourites - it wouldn't be a show without getting a snow cone and a dagwood dog. Aaron tried a dagwood dog last time we went to the show, for the first time and it almost made him sick. He prefers to get into the fairy floss, donuts and snow cones. The boys were happy with their hot chips.

Both the boys decided that the Pokemon show bag was the go. I'm glad that they both got the same thing or I know they would have ended up fighting over things once they were home. Lucky that Noah doesn't fight over things with them too!

On the way out we had to go and visit the ducks again for Harri. He was so excited to see them again. We also went to see the cats and he kept on showing them his new pokemon hat from his showbag! I don't think they were very impressed.


  1. Looks like everyone had alot of fun.

    Look out for the animals though, I know how much you dislike them.haha.

    You may also need to replace the camera batteries after all the pics you took.


  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time at the show! At least it didn't rain, just overcast. The photos were great!

  3. fun fun fun - i think that dagwood dog looks yummy too.


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