Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Bye Chrish

Chrish is heading back to Sydney today :( It was great to have him home for a little while. It is always as if he has never been away. On the way to the airport he dropped in with Mum and Dad today, to say goodbye.

I told Harri that Chrish was going on the plane and he said 'no plane Frish!' as he wanted him to stay. So I told him to keep telling him he couldn't go. I bet he is looking forward to some much warmer weather - especially as our weather has been so crap lately. Although it is something like 33 degrees up there today - a bit too hot for me. Not sure how we will survive it when we go up to stay with him in February.

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  1. More like 37 degrees in Sydney today (according the the gauge in my car). I'd rather cooler Tas weather if I had a choice. Please please let us know when you're in Sydney, we'd love to catch up with you and your family and Christian . . . if you have the time.


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