Saturday, 27 October 2007

Spider Boys

Today Aaron was coaching the Kings Meadows High School grade 10 girls basketball team, during an inter-school tournament. We decided to go into town as well, and took the opportunity to do some shopping while Noah was watching basketball with him.

As we were walking past a shop, some ladies asked the boys if they wanted their faces painted for free. It was a new shop that had just opened - The Confectionery and Party shop. It is full of cool things for parties such as different balloons, cake decorations, party decorations, costumes and lollies. Jay jumped at the chance to get his face painted and didn't hesitate to tell the lady that he wanted to be Spiderman.

Harri has never had his face painted or seen it happen before, and started to freak out! He kept yelling 'No Jay - no Spiderman!', and was very worried as he watched Jalen get the paint on him. The lady kept telling him it was okay and after he saw it transform into Spiderman he thought it was pretty cool.

The lady then asked Harri if he would like to be Spiderman too, but he was a bit nervous about it. She then said she could paint a spider on his hand for him, but he decided that wasn't good enough and thought he would get spiders on his face too.

While they were getting their faces done, Aaron and Noah turned up. Lucky they had the camera with them! :) Some ladies came out of the party shop and gave each of the boys a cute little pumpkin bucket full of jelly beans, with a helium balloon attached. The boys had a great day in town!


  1. Gee we needed those ladies there when we went in for Sarra's halloween costume - a great shop!! Harri's spider looks so real.

  2. wow what great face painting, Junior would have loved that. Looks like great fun.

  3. love that Harri was scared of Jay turning into Spiderman


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