Monday, 22 October 2007

Yes - I AM pregnant!!

Okay - everyone is asking for details so here they are. I AM pregnant - 9 weeks and 2 days today. I am due on 24th May 2008. Going by my track record that means the baby will be born around the 7th June which suits me fine - June is a great month - I was born in June, 7 is my 'lucky' number - I just like that number and always have and it should be school holidays then which means Aaron will be home from work for two weeks.

I wasn't planning on telling people this early (except family and a few close friends who already knew) but my big mouth Dad (yes - that is YOU Dad!) decided he was going to tell Nan and Pop so I knew it wouldn't be a secret much longer. I wanted to be the one to start telling people, so thought I'd better start.

I know everyone is shocked as I have always said that the three boys were enough and that it would be too much to have another one - especially with Noah. Well - I still think that, except that for a while I have just had a nagging feeling (you know those ones!) where you know you need to do something, and having another baby soon was what we needed to do.

It is strange as I have recently felt that someone was 'missing'. It would be weird - like I would have all three boys with me out somewhere and all of a sudden I would think that there was another one - but there wasn't. It was just like we knew there is someone else who is supposed to be in our family, but isn't here yet.

Something else that changed my mind was when I got all of Nan and Pop's photos - it wasn't really a good move! I should have just left them at their house and none of this would have happened :) One night I was looking at a photo of all of the grandkids with my Nan and Pop and I was thinking about how great it was having a big family and lots of cousins etc and I thought how lovely it must be for Nan and Pop to have so many grandkids. It then hit me that I really wanted a bigger family than we already have, and that night Aaron just about fell over when I said to him ' I think I want to have another baby!'.

He was very excited as he has wanted to have another one for a couple of years. He has been saying for a long time that someone is missing and he wanted another one, but I kept telling him all the reasons why we shouldn't and couldn't:
1. I want to go back to work soon -now that Harri is almost at school and I have been home as a full time Mum for 8 years I feel like I want to start doing a bit of paid work.
2. We want to buy a house and to do that I feel like I need to be working a little bit to help pay the mortgage.
3. Noah takes a lot of our time and I wanted to be able to give lots of quality time to Noah, and I felt like the other two was just enough to cope with right now.
4. I was worried about Noah being sick, unhappy and wondered how I would cope with that plus a newborn.
5. I am getting old to think about babies!
6. I am not a fan of newborn babies - they are too much hard work and I don't want to feel like I am stuck at home again - now that Harri is more independent I feel like I am able to do more things for myself - especially now that Noah is at school full time and I haven't had that for 6 years.

After reading all those reasons why I shouldn't have another baby I think I have made a big mistake!!! ha ha No - I am happy about it - it is something I know that I needed to do and the thing that really convinced me to do it is that I was thinking that if I don't do it now I will regret it later on when it IS too late. No matter how hard it may be to have another baby - physically, financially and emotionally I know that I will never regret it once they are here.

I love being a full time Mum and although I feel like I want to do some paid work etc I know that I have the rest of my life for that and I should just enjoy this time while I have it, as one day my boys will all be gone from home and I will wish I am back at this stage again. Houses and jobs and all that don't really matter in the long run. I will just remind myself of that when I am up in the night feeding at all hours!

The funny thing was that I decided that we should do it, and then a month later I 'came to my senses' and decided that we wouldn't - that it was too hard. Aaron was very disappointed but knew he had no choice but to go with what I wanted :) Then after a few weeks I started to question my decision to not have another one again, and then changed my mind AGAIN and decided that we would start trying again! We had about 6 weeks off from 'trying' but the funniest thing is that I was ALREADY pregnant!!! I got pregnant before I changed my mind back again! Lucky I came around again or I would have been very stressed!

As for being pregnant I have been very lucky so far. Usually I am out of action for the first 3 months with terrible morning sickness - vomiting day and night. This time I am only sick if I get hungry, but not at all in the morning. I also feel sick at night. So far I have only vomited about 4 times which is great - before it would have been 4 times before 10am! I am really tired though - especially mid afternoon and night. I have been falling asleep on the couch at about 8pm a lot of nights. Because I wasn't sick like I have been before it took me a while to realise I was pregnant! I was about 6 weeks when I finally figured it out.

I had been feeling sick on and off for a couple of weeks. One day at Step class at the gym I felt really sick and I said to Simone I felt like chucking up. She joked that I was pregnant as I had talked to her about wanting to, and then not wanting to, and then wanting to again! I said that there was no way as it was only about 4 days after we decided to try again that I felt sick. After feeling 'funny' for a week after that (the pregnant boob thing happening - sorry to any guys reading this!, and feeling tired and a bit sick) I kept telling Aaron that I was already pregnant, but he wasn't having it!! He said we needed to keep trying (typical male!!). I just knew I was though, but couldn't work out how I could be pregnant for a week or so and already feel really pregnant. Then when I did the test and it came up positive straight away I couldn't work out what was going on!! I did the second test to make sure, and then a third!! I then had a blood test and the only way we could work out what was happening was to have a scan to see how far I was (I am 'lucky' in that I only get my period every 4-8 months). The scan showed I was 7 weeks and 4 days - way further than what I had thought - so I got pregnant way back when I first decided that I wanted to have a baby.

So that is ALL the details! Sorry to be so long but everyone keeps wanting to know what is going on. So now I look forward to getting huge again, getting more stretch marks, feeling tired, feeling hormonal, sleepless nights, huge boobs and lots of fun :)


  1. Now that you have explained all that, it will be fun to watch you doing step class at 9mths... he,he!!

  2. I know what you mean when you say that you just felt that something was missing, thats exactly how Ryan and I felt before William. I remember we were sitting in Sydney Temple and we were both impressed that we needed to have another child as he was waiting to come down to our family. We decided that we better not argue about it :)

    Good on you again!

  3. A little too much info at times for this brother


  4. Congratulation to the King family on this exciting news!

  5. ahh the boobs, I hate them, I just went out and bought 4 news bras aleady... up a size!!! Fun to know we are close in time too ....

  6. Thats eerie about feeling like someone else was there - like that book of your mums!!
    I'm so EXCITED!! thsi family is getting big!!


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