Monday, 15 October 2007


I'm losing my mind!!! Pip, Bec and I went out for tea tonight and I forgot to take my camera!!! What is going on!?!? I ended up having to use my camera phone and the photo turned out really small for some reason!

Pip, Bec and I thought we would attempt going out for tea tonight. The last time we attempted tea was when Pip wasn't able to leave Oliver as he wouldn't feed. Tonight was a lot more successful with Oliver asleep ten minutes after she left.

We had planned to go to a new Greek restaurant and were all hanging out for a nice greek salad etc but when we got there it was shut! Lucky for us it was just around the corner from one of our two favourite restaurants - The Prickly Cactus (Mexican) so it was a hard decision, but we forced ourselves to go there.

Pip and Bec had the usual nachos and then complained all night about how full they were and how they felt sick! For the third time in a row I got a really yummy avocado and prawn salad. It is soooooo yummy - nice and fresh but also filling but doesn't make you feel sick as it isn't really cheesy like lots of the other things I usually get. Sizzling fajitas used to be my old favourite, but the avocado and prawn salad is definitely my new favourite now.

It was a fun night - talking about all the silly things we always end up talking about - like the silly characters who bug us from Home and Away. We always talk about it like our life depends on the show! Everyone around our table must go home and laugh about those crazy 33 year old girls who were talking about Home and Away half the night like it is real life drama!


  1. That's great you all still keep in touch nnd catch up. You can count me in on the Home & Away. I often wonder why I bother watching it. I have been doing it so long it has just become a part of my daily ritual. Mum is also hooked and i think we may have even converted Dad - sad isn't it.

  2. I feel so much better now that I am not the only one at my age who watches Home and Away. I usually get some dodgy looks from Ryan when I actually ge the chance to sit and watch it.


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