Friday, 12 October 2007

Belly Dancing

Busy day today! Tonight at church we had our 'Enrichment Meeting'. It is for women aged 18 to 118 (or how ever long you are lucky enough to live for). Tonight we learned all about belly dancing - the history behind it and also the health benefits of it.

We then watched two women who were our special guests - they performed three different belly dances for us. They were so good - very fit and flexible. They have been belly dancing for four and five years.

Everyone then had to get up while they taught us a dance. I nominated myself as the official photographer for the evening :)

Everyone had heaps of fun and there were lots of laughs.


  1. hey lisa,'
    just love that Noah toothless boy...Well Done Ja "racing tadpole"
    i am glad you didnt put all the pics on of us belly dancing can send me some more on my email for the RS was a good night ...i agree...they were great gals...and they went home with a BOM.... Annette

  2. Gee you are quick with those comments on my blog - i was still editing it. yeah Lisa why aren't u in the pics?? Official photographer - excuses, excuses.


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