Friday, 19 October 2007

Good looking Noah!

Today Noah's class ran the school assembly. They did a great job - especially considering they are on only Preps. They showed a powerpoint presentation which highlighted each child and something that they are good at. It was very cute - the kids had to work out what they were good at and it showed their writing. Some things said 'I'm good at smiling', 'I'm good at playing my Playstation 2'. Noah's slide was supposed to say 'I'm good AT looking' (as in vision work), but they accidentally put 'I'm good looking'! I didn't even notice till the teacher told me later on! We all had a great laugh and said it was true - that he IS good looking AND he is also good AT looking!

When Noah's picture came up the whole crowd went 'ooooooh - Noaaaaah!' - it was so nice. You can see how much they all love him up there.

The kids all shared a really cute rainbow song and also their monoprints.

Di said that Noah has been really cranky all morning - crying a lot. All the kids were really surprised and said that they had never heard Noah cry before. I told Di I would take him home after assembly. I joked with some of the teachers that I was going to take him home to give him a smack and Harri kept saying 'No Mummy!'. Some of the crying may be because he is having to fast for 4 hours because he is having a renal ultrasound this afternoon, but I think it is something different.

When we got him home he started yelling after a little while and Harri said 'fix him Mummy!' and then he said 'what's wrong - I think he has a headache'. If only he could tell us and then it would be a lot easier to fix. The crankiness has gone on for months now. I'm hoping the ENT that we are seeing in a couple of weeks can give us some answers.

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  1. Noah your class did a great job, I love the picture of you in your cool hat. Hope you feel better very soon.


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