Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Parlez -Vous Francais?

This afternoon we had our second Primary Achievement Day activity. It was my turn to organise it, so I asked Sister Chong - a sister missionary from church, to come and talk to us. She is from Tahiti. She first of all spoke to us about Tahiti and told us lots of interesting things about their culture and lifestyle. The kids all seemed really interested.

I had bought a taro - one of the traditional foods from Tahiti. While she was talking I cooked it so that the kids could try some of it at the end. Sister Chong taught us all some basic French phrases and greetings. She also taught us how to count to ten in French. The kids all had a great laugh as we practiced over and over again how to say 'taaaaro' or 'baa na noo' (banana).

She also told us some very interesting stories such as the legend of a fruit called 'uru' and how they believe it came to be.

After we had learned how to count to ten we played some games to see how much we could remember. We all then had fun tasting the taro. Jalen wasn't too sure about it and kept complaining of the 'after taste'. I actually didn't mind it - it tasted a lot like boiled potato.

To finish off the afternoon Sis. Chong played the drums for us. We all had lots of fun and hopefully the kids also learned a lot about Tahiti and also a little bit of French.

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