Saturday, 31 May 2008

Best Seats In The House

This morning I woke up at about 3am and rolled over. Aaron woke at the same time (probably because a hugely pregnant woman rolling over is not very graceful!) and heard me make a sound and said 'what's wrong?'. I said 'I'm having lots of pains!', and he goes 'that would be right!', as today was the big football match between Hawthorn and Western Bulldogs that he was hanging out to see live. I just cracked up laughing and I think he was VERY relieved to know that I was joking and wasn't really in labour!

Supposedly though everyone else was hoping I would be in labour as Aaron seemed to have the best seats in the house for the game! Every man and his dog were keen to get their hands on his seats if he was in hospital with me. Dad very gladly took Harri's seat, while Harri stayed home with Mum, Noah and I.

Over the past few weeks we have been taking Noah to a new naturopath who is so lovely and has become more of a friend, than just Noah's practitioner. She has just moved over from Melbourne and when I told her that Aaron was hoping to go to the football as he was a big Hawks fan, she told me that one of her best friend's Dad's, works and travels with Hawthorn. She rang him up and told him about Noah and us, and said that he may be able to set something up like Aaron going into the Hawthorn rooms after the game to meet the players, depending on what time he flew out.

It turned out that Pete (the guy who works for Hawthorn) had to fly out straight after the game, but he rang Aaron before the game and went up to his seats to meet him and gave him three polo tops (including the one he has on). Aaron was pumped! He was very apologetic that he couldn't get Aaron into the rooms as he had to leave early, but hopefully we can organise something another time.

Hawthorn lost their first game for the season, and Aaron said they didn't play well at all. It probably worked out well, as it wouldn't have been a very good day to go into the rooms after the game. Jay said it was still fun.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Waiting for "Barry"

Well - we are still waiting on our baby to arrive. The room is all set up, the suitcase is finally packed, and the fitball is even blown up (so I can use it while I'm in labour - I remember bouncing on it flat out last time).

I'm actually not really over it yet, which is surprising as I remember with the last three pregnancies I was dying to get them out by now. I saw the Dr yesterday and everything is good and he actually gave me a choice of being induced now or not. I told him I really wanted to go on my own if everything was okay, and he was happy to let me go longer so hopefully I can go into labour naturally, and have a 'good' birth experience. I was induced with Jalen and it was not a good labour at all, and he was a very irritable baby.

Harri was looking for me today and yelled out 'are you in Barry's room?'. A few months ago Harri was being a pain in bed. Aaron threatened to move him back into his old bedroom (now the babies room) and used the babies name that we had decided on, saying 'do you want to go and sleep in ......... room?'. I didn't realise that Harri knew and remembered the name until one night he just came out with it! We were so worried that he was going to start telling everyone the real name (we need to keep something a surprise!) that we started to call the baby 'Barry' instead.

Now whenever we talk about the baby he is 'Barry'. Whenever someone asks Harri what the babies name is he tells them 'Barry' and they look at me very strangely like 'are you serious!?'. I just laugh and say - 'why not? We have a Harri, why not have Barry?'. When we go shopping for baby stuff, Harri always asks 'is that for Barry?'. This morning he asked 'is Barry coming out today?' He is going to be totally devastated when the baby does arrive and is given a different name!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Wii Fit

A couple of weeks ago we lashed out and bought the new Wii Fit game, on the day that it was released in Australia. We saw a review of it on one of those top quality current affair shows ;) I think it was on Today Tonight. It looked like lots of fun, so we went and bought it while it was on special.

The boys have been having heaps of fun using it. I registered myself as a user on it, but haven't used it since. Jay thinks it is hilarious as every time he has a turn it says 'do you know that Lisa hasn't used me for a while' or something to that affect.

When you first register with it, it weighs you and tells you your body mass index (after you tell it your height). You then set a goal of whether you want to lose weight and in how much time. It then tracks how you are going and how often you use it. You can do lots of fun stuff like balancing activities, aerobic exercises, yoga and strength work. As you improve the game sets you harder things to do. The boys love to have running races with each other.

Harri often uses it alone when Jay is at school and loves doing the 'press ups'.

Not sure if Aaron is going to the loo here or doing the ski jump ;)

I'm looking forward to getting on it once I finally pop this baby out. I really will be the 'biggest loser' then :)

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


As part of the unit of work in Jalen's class on wild animals and zoo enclosures, they had a visit from a lady who works for Reptile Rescue.

Jay was so excited about it as the lady came in with live snakes and all the kids got to touch them and have them placed all over their bodies.

Jay can't stop raving about how awesome his teacher is this year and how much fun Grade 3 is! It's great that he is enjoying school so much.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


This morning we had a lovely visit from Bec and Annie, and Lynne and Joel.

It was the first time we had seen Joel since he was born 7 weeks ago, and he has grown so much and is so cute, smiling and making sounds.

It is nice seeing how much they change from that newborn stage, to responding to things around them. It reminds me that it may not be all that bad :)

The plan was to have lots of things on this week (morning teas and going out for tea with the girls) with the hope that all the plans would be thrown out the window with a baby arriving, but so far it hasn't worked. Its okay though as I'm still feeling really good and am not uncomfortable at all yet, so I'm enjoying the last week or two of being pregnant (definitely for the last time!) before it gets really busy again.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

90 Years Young

Today was Aaron's Nan's 90th birthday. It was a big day with the whole family getting together for lunch at the casino. Nan is a real character and seems really young for her age. She was very disappointed to see me there, as she knew I was due to have the baby yesterday and wanted me to have it on her birthday. I told her I still have a few hours to get it out :)

Aaron's sister, Trudy and her husband, Ashley and their son, Charlie all flew down from Melbourne for it. We haven't seen them for over 5 years, so the boys hadn't met their cousin, Charlie before (he will be 6 later this year) and they also hadn't met Harri. Jalen couldn't remember Trudy at all, only from a photo in his album from when he was a baby.

Charlie was so excited to see the boys when we came in, and came running over and said 'Hello Uncle Aaron!'. They had lots of fun hanging out together. Charlie sat with the boys the whole time and Trudy kept warning him that Aaron and I were both teachers and if he played up we wouldn't be happy. He told us when kids are naughty in his class at school they get a sad face card.

Aaron's Nan absolutely loves Noah and was kissing him all afternoon.

The boys loved lunch, but were more excited about the fountains than anything else (oh and the dessert buffet!). Harri was asking if we brought our bathers so we could go for a swim!

When we got home I heard Harri say 'we are home now', and I asked him why he said it and he said 'I wasn't talking to you Mum - I was telling Noah!' (Noah was in the back of the van screaming and arching and not happy in his wheelchair). He then grabbed Jay and gave him a cuddle and said 'I wuv you Jay'. Funny how some days they drive you mad, and other days they can be so cute :)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Guessing Game

Okay - my sister Nicki wants to have a guessing game on here about when this baby will decide to make its appearance . Better give a quick history of my previous labours so you have something to go on. Send a comment if you want to play and guess what date you think he will arrive, weight and length and we will see who is the closest. For a little bit of fun you can even guess the name! Not sure about a prize - I think Nicki should donate it! :) Probably some chocolate, since everyone loves chocolate!

Jalen was supposed to be induced on the 12th day over, but after them trying to induce me and two days of stopping and starting labour, he was finally born on the 14th day overdue. He was 9 lbs 13 ozs (I have BIG babies - probably because I go so far over!).

Noah was 13 days over and I went into labour naturally at 2am in the morning and he was born about 1.30pm. He was 9lb 10 ozs.

I went into labour with Harri on the 10th day overdue and it stopped and started until the 13th day overdue when he was finally born. He was 9lb 9 oz I believe - or maybe 10 oz.

I can't remember their lengths off hand, but they were long. So if you want to play just send a comment. It's like being at a baby shower without actually having one! :)

D Day

Yes - today is the big day! My due date has hit, but of course in true King boy style there is no signs of a baby coming yet. I am still betting that this baby will arrive around June 6th - 13 days overdue. I'm actually feeling really good - even though my tummy is now huge! I don't really feel uncomfortable (like I have other pregnancies), so I'm actually quite happy to go a week or two longer, as I know that this baby will be a lot harder to look after once it is out :)

This has by far been the easiest pregnancy, which is good as I have been busy trying to get Noah sorted out. It actually shocks me when I see myself in a mirror and realise how big I am, as I'm not feeling like I am that big at all. The funniest thing today was that I got a few groceries at Coles. At the checkout the woman serving me calls for a 'handout'. I protested telling her I was fine (I literally had 5 light bags!) but they wouldn't let me go out to the van on my own! I had to have a woman push the trolley of groceries. I laughed and told them I was fine, and was actually due today and was hoping to bring the labour on, but they insisted I get a handout. They then told me all the tricks to bring labour on, which of course I have tried before but they never work. I think this baby is just going to come when he is really ready. As you can see I am still really high up - I never really engage till I am in labour though.

On Saturday mornings I usually go to the gym and do Pump class (weights class). Today I had no gym buddies going though, so I used it as an excuse to sleep in. It is probably a good thing as the trainer's jokes are starting to get a big old - talking about my waters breaking during class etc. On Wednesday she asked me if I was coming today, and I told her I was, so at the end of class she asked the whole class that if they were coming on Saturday to bring an extra towel! With the way that each of my labours have been, I keep telling her that I could pretty much guarantee her I would not have my waters break during class, let alone deliver it during class, but she keeps reminding me that I am fitter this time and things may be very different (I can only hope!).

Instead of going to the gym as usual, I enjoyed a soak in the bath, pancakes for breakfast and then we had a nice picnic lunch with Steph and Chloe at Punchbowl Reserve. Steph had contacted me during the week, saying that her sister Vienna and herself started a tradition that on their due dates they would go out for lunch, as they knew it was most likely they would go past their due date, but if they planned something it would give them something to look forward to on that day. I thought it sounded like a great idea, so we braved the cool weather and had fun feeding the ducks, having a picnic, kicking the footy (some of us anyway - Steph and I were quite happy to sit and chat) and the kids had a nice play.

Jay was so lovely helping Chloe. He can't wait to be a really big brother again! He asked me last night if I was going to hospital today. I told him that the baby may not come for another two weeks and he said that I could still go into hospital (I think he is a little bit excited!). I asked him why I would want to sit around hospital for two weeks and he said 'because they give you jelly and ice cream!'. I think that is the highlight for the boys whenever Noah is in hospital.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Bec's Salon

Today Harri and I went around to Bec's house for a visit. Pip was coming into town and Bec and I were lucky to be able to get her to cut our hair while she was in. Even though there were only three kids it was a mad house! While one of us was getting our hair done, the other one was watching Oliver who was busy exploring and not used to being around a hot fireplace, Annie who was an angel as usual but every now and then wanting a little cuddle and Harri who was demanding that it was HIS turn, to have his hair cut.

Despite the chaos it was nice to catch up and to see how much Annie has grown! The last three months have gone so fast.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Noah's 'not a kid'!

So, supposedly Noah is not a kid! That is what Harri told me yesterday.

I asked him when our baby was going to come and he said 'next Wednesday'. Sounds good to me! I then asked him if he will help me when the baby comes and he said he would. I said that he could help give the baby cuddles when he is crying. He then said he would and that Jalen would also give the baby cuddles. I said 'what about Noah?' and Harri looked at me like I was stupid and says 'he can't cuddle the baby Mum!'. I asked him why he couldn't and he said 'because he's not a kid!'. Not sure what that means, but that was the only way Harri could explain why Noah doesn't do things like Jay and himself.

Last week he told me that Noah doesn't clean up his room because he is 'too tired'. Wish that excuse worked with me too! :) I wouldn't mind laying around all day like Noah, having massages all the time!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Cough Noah!

Noah has been a lot happier over the past week. Last night he sounded really rattly and needed to cough, but wouldn't. As you will see he thought it was hilarious!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

How to ruin a good photo

On Thursday night after the BYU Ambassadors fireside at church, lots of people were taking photos with the members of the group. Collette and Jess would have gotten some great photos, except for a few idiots who decided to ruin their pics! Sorry girls.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

8 in a row!

Today I had strict instructions that I was NOT to go into labour until after the Hawthorn V Port Adelaide game today, at Aurora Stadium. Aaron had been hanging out all year for them to play a Saturday game in Tassie so he could go to watch. He told me that if I was having contractions to ring when they were '5 seconds apart', and he later told me to just ring when 'the head was crowning'! Talk about priorities!!

Usually we all go to the game, but I didn't really feel like sitting for hours with a huge tummy in the cold, when I'm not really into the game anyway. I am always usually just busy dealing with Harri and Noah anyway (as you can imagine Aaron is VERY into the game and doesn't see anything else going on around him!). This time Aaron decided to just take Harri and Jay. I warned him that I didn't think Harri would last very long before he got sick of it and he would have to deal with him, but he said he would see how it goes. Aaron bought tickets so they could sit with Jim, Kristen and Nyah as well as Mum and Dad and Eden.

The boys were excited to get all their gear on before they left.

Before the game Aaron said the boys had a great time going down to see 'Hawka' and giving him hi-5's.

During the game I texted Aaron to see how things were and he said Jay was loving it, and that Harri was good at first, but was now sick of it and wanted me and wanted to come home.

He tried to keep him happy with food, but I don't think it worked too well, as when he got home he told me "I was crying because I wanted you Mummy".

Thank goodness that Hawthorn won, as I knew Aaron was going to come home very stressed and with a migraine if they didn't! Usually he is very easy going - but anything to do with Hawthorn is VERY serious! He said it was lots of fun sitting with Jim who is also a huge Hawks fan. Hawthorn have now won 8 games in a row and are having a very good year. I keep warning Aaron that they are going to have to lose soon, but he says it won't be till 2009.

The boys had fun running around on the ground after the game. Jay told me it was awesome and Aaron said that for the first time he was really into watching the entire game and was really into it. Harri was excited about one thing - he told me that one of the players had his pants pulled down and thought it was hilarious!

I now have permission to go into labour, but not on Saturday 30th May as that is the next game here in Tassie. This time I think Aaron will be happy to leave Harri at home with Noah and I (and possibly a baby)! Noah and I had a lovely quiet afternoon (he has had a much happier week thanks to some things we have been trying) and we even went out for a nice walk together.


With our new kitchen the sun comes straight in every morning onto a wall where the fridge used to be. Every time I see my silhouette on the wall it cracks me up. 1 week to go till my due date - most likely 3 weeks before baby decides it's actually time to come.

The boys thought it was funny to pull different poses this morning.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

We met Nephi!

Tonight we went to a 'fireside' at church put on by the BYU Young Ambassadors. It was an awesome hour of music and talks. Last night I noticed a guy who stood out to me at at the Princess Theater. I thought he was really talented, and mentioned him to Aaron after we got home.

Tonight Aaron pointed the same guy out and said he thought he was on a Liken DVD that we have at home. We both thought he may have played the part of Ammon, and I asked Jalen if he thought it was him and he said he thought that he was actually Nephi, in the DVD - Nephi and Laban.

After the show we went up to him and he said he played the part of Nephi, and his older brother played the part of Ammon. We were very excited to meet him as the boys absolutely love the DVDs. He was a cool guy and really friendly. He was telling us he was going to Samoa with his Mum and brother over the next few days (his Mum is from Samoa).

As we were about to leave home tonight I asked Aaron if I should bring my camera, but he told me no! Thanks to Joe who saved the night and had his camera there and took this pic for us. The guy could have at least kneeled in front of me a bit more to hide my gut!Of course that is the last time listen to Aaron and will continue taking my camera everywhere! Can't let the blogging community down!

BYU Young Ambassadors

What a tough night it was for me last night! We went to see the BYU Young Ambassadors show at the Princess Theatre and the blogerazzi (or bloginator as I have also been called) was banned from taking my camera!! Despite that it was a great show - really professional, and they were all such great singers. I had seen them perform at Ricks College when I was there, so I knew it was going to be a good show. We had a lovely night - sitting in the front row after a small drama with the wheelchair and seating (won't talk about it on here, but it was an 'interesting' situation!). I think half the fun was being there with everyone from church. Even Aaron enjoyed the show (except the Phantom of the Opera section he said - I actually thought that was one of the best sections - the girls voice was incredible).

Noah was really settled and actually had a few smiles which was nice (probably because Aaron was holding him all night!). Harri loved the first half and kept saying 'that was great!' after every song, but at intermission he decided he had enough and wanted to go home as he was tired. He survived the first 5 minutes of the second part of the show and then fell asleep on my lap.

Jay absolutely LOVED the whole show. He was cracking me up as he was laughing so much during the 'Knights of the Round Table - Spamalot' songs. He was laughing so much he was almost crying. We had explained to the boys who the group was - that they were from our church and they go to Brigham Young University in Utah, but through the show Jay kept asking me questions. He first of all asked 'are they American!?' when he heard them talk. Half way through the show he lent over and said 'this is better than I thought it was going to be!'. Collette made a comment to Aaron that she was glad Jay was sitting close to her as he gets into it just as much as she does! Half the fun is watching the boys reactions during the show.

On the way out a lady (part of the crew) asked Jalen was his favourite part was. He told her it was the Knights of the Round Table part and she said that was her favourite part too, and asked him if he would like a BYU pin. He was very excited to get it.

I loved the end where they sang all the Australian songs. There is something about American's singing Aussie songs - makes you even prouder to be an Australian. We are really looking forward to seeing them tonight at church again.
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