Saturday, 20 October 2007

Candle Party

Today I invited myself out to Simone's candle party. She didn't think anyone from town would want to make the trip out to Westbury, but I haven't been able to get to a Salt City Candle Company party yet and have wanted to buy a candle for ages, so I invited myself out :) Maybe she just really didn't want me there?! Lucky she did as I helped bring the total sales up to be a record selling party for Felicity - altogether we all spent over $1000!

It was lots of fun but it was soooooo hard trying to work out which one to buy. I ended up buying three different ones - pome granite, lime twist and gingerbread for Christmas. It was a huge toss up between a list of about twenty that I could have easily had bought.

Collette was not impressed that her Mum turned up in the same top as her. I said she should be happy as it just shows that her Mum is trendy!

Of course the best part of the whole party was the spread that Simone put on. I was starving (I am feeding two now!!) so it all went down very well.

It was lucky that I invited myself along as I scored big time! Felicity gave me a special gift of a small 'baby powder' fragrance candle and I also won the lucky door prize! I won a 'welcome home' 5oz candle which I am burning right now and it smells beautiful. Everyone who went to the party also was given a little gift bag of melting squares to put in an oil burner.


  1. I love candles, those are so pretty and I bet they smell wonderful

  2. Yeah for an uninvited guest you sure scored well. I might have to keep not inviting you to stuff so you can keep winning prizes


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