Thursday, 18 October 2007

Trip to Devonport

Today Harri and I had a big day. After we dropped the boys at school we met Mum at Elizabeth Town and went to Devonport to spend the day with Becky, Kels, Nicki and Maddi. We hadn't been to Jared and Becky's new house and had planned on taking some photos of the girls for a while.

Tomorrow is Jared's 32nd birthday (getting VERY old!) so last night the boys sat down and made him some birthday cards. Because Harri knew it was going to be his birthday he thought that we were going to his birthday party! When we arrived at the Elizabeth Town Cafe (where we met Mum) he goes 'what's this Mum - the party?'. I told him it was where we were meeting Grandma and that we were just visiting Jared and Becky. He was very upset that we weren't actually going to have a party for Jared!

After spending a bit of time at their house we all headed to the Bluff to take some photos and have a play.

I have discovered why professional photographers make so much money!! It is so hard getting little kids to stay still for very long so you can get a decent shot! Hopefully we came up with a few that Nicki and Becky will be happy with.

The kids had a great time playing. Maddi was a dare devil on the slide. She loved it!

Harri was so cute with Mum. At one stage he ran up to her and said 'Grandma - I missing you!', and gave her a big cuddle and kiss.

The girls loved playing in the woodchips.

We went back to Jared and Becky's for lunch and Jared joined us during his lunch break. Harri was so excited to see him. He always gets hyped up when Jared is around. They did their usual wrestling. Harri always knows Jared is going to give him a 'bear hug' and squeeze the life out of him and he loves it.

Mum bought a cake for lunch so we did the whole birthday thing and sang 'Happy Birthday'. Only thing was that we only had a tealight candle for the top :)

On the way home we all headed out to see the house that Jared is working on at the moment. Harri just couldn't work out what was going on. He kept saying 'going to Jared's house?', but we kept telling him we had just left Jared and Becky's house and was going to where Jared was working. He finally got it when I said that he was like Bob the Builder and was building a house for a lady.

It is great seeing Jared loving his new work and working with some great people. The guy he was working with was funny and said he was going to charge us all for a tour.

Harri thought he would get in on the action and do some building too.

We then had to race back to pick up the boys from school. We are both exhausted!


  1. um yeah, those photos ar GREAT! Nice job! When is Nicky due??

  2. Nicki is due to have her baby on Jan 7th. She went early with Maddi so hopefully she will be lucky to go early this time too.

  3. Looks like you had a great day


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