Sunday, 14 October 2007

Jay's almost 15 minutes of fame

A couple of weeks ago a photographer from The Examiner went to Jalen's school to take photos of a small group of the kids to promote the Launceston Christmas Parade which is on 24th November. Jay and Noah put their names down to be in the parade with the school, and each week they have been practicing as a group. Not sure how Noah is going practicing singing ;)

The theme for the parade this year is 'Christmas carols' and Punchbowl Primary have chosen to do 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. There are about 65 kids from the school going in it (I am going in it also - so that Noah can be a part of it) and Jay was excited as only 10 kids were chosen to have their photo in The Examiner.

What Jay doesn't know yet, is that the story appeared in The Examiner yesterday but they didn't use one single shot of the whole group! They ended up just using a photo of one of the girls on her own - with tinsel around her head! The group photos looked so much better!

I ended up going to the website where you can check out Examiner photos and found these that were taken. Hopefully Jay will be happy just to see these photos, but he was very excited thinking that he was going to be in the newspaper.

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