Friday, 12 October 2007

Athletic Carnival

Today at school the Prep's to grade 2's had their athletic carnival. Every other year they let the infant grades run only 40 metres, but this year they let them do three events - 40m, 90m and 200 m.

Jay is definitely is like me with short distance races - he did do better in the 200 metres than the shorter distances, but he had fun and wasn't worried at all about which position he came.

Jay is the skinny streak in the middle :)

Getting his sticker for participating at the end of the 200m

In the car on the way to school we had the big 'pep talk' about how some people are good at races and some people are good at reading, and others are good at Maths or music etc. and how everyone has a talent. He then said 'I know - I'm good at Maths, reading and basketball!' The hard thing for Jay is that he has a couple of his friends who are those kids who are the 'all rounders'. They are really good at school work, and are also very athletic. We just keep reminding him that not everyone is good at everything (and if they are, they make me sick!!! :) )

We are paying for Harri not having a day time sleep over the past two days. Talk about cranky!! He wanted to go and play with some of the 'bigger' kids (they are 4), but I was a mean Mum and wouldn't let him go. They wanted to go down to the playground which is a long way away and near the bush, and I was worried as I wouldn't know where he was or what he was up to. I was in the bad books for a while.

Di is training a new relief aide up today at school to work with Noah, so they spent most of the time inside working with Noah. We did get to see him just before we left.

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  1. Noah, love those shades. You are one cool dude


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