The End of Aaron's life on Earth

Then There Were Four
Is It Real?
Please Tell Your Dad
Preparing for Tomorrow
All Over Again
Still Sinking In
Prepared But Not Ready
Our Last Days Together
Surrounded By Love

My Talk at Aaron's Funeral
The Best Father Ever (Jalen's talk at Aaron's funeral)
My Daddy Will Be Happy With Noah Up In Heaven (Harri's talk at Aaron's funeral)

Celebrating a Legend (Aaron's memorial Service at Kings Meadows High School)
KMHS Remembers Him
One Month
Quilted Memories
A Desk Of Memories
King For a Day
Two Months

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  1. mr king was a really good teacher at kings meadows high school and we will never forget him and we will always miss him. everyone was said the day he past away and all of us were shatted and thought that we could never be happy again but he will always be in our hearts and hopefully brains.


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