Thursday, 4 October 2007

"I missing you!"

Who would have thought that these cute innocent faces could have caused so much grief last night!?

Harri has always been a really good sleeper. He was my best sleeper as a baby and slept through the night from 3 weeks old. He was the dream baby! I was very tough on him as I was too busy dealing with Noah when he was little to stress about Harri, so he knew that when he was put into bed he had to sleep - day or night. Even now that he is 3 he still has a long afternoon nap - usually between an hour and a half and two hours.

Lately though, things have started changing with Harri. Before if he didn't want to be in bed he would just cry until we would go in there, and talk to him but he would never get out. Lately though he ends up coming out of bed, and comes into the lounge room with his 'blankie' and stands at the door and says 'I missing you!'. Lately it has been happening a few times a night, although during the past week it has also been happening DURING the night after we are asleep!! grrrrr

Two nights ago I was really tired and probably fell asleep about 10.45pm. At 11.30 I woke up to Harri standing in the dark right in front of me! It just about freaked me out as I had no idea what was going on because I was so tired. I asked him what was wrong and he said 'I missing you'. I was thinking 'yeah, well I'm not missing you!', but very patiently put him back into bed and told him to go to sleep.

Then last night it happened again - at 11.30pm and then at 12.10am! Then at 12.30am Noah decided that he needed to do a wee and it was causing him some pain, so he was really unsettled. If his bladder fills up too much he seems to have lots of spasms. Noah sleeps in our bedroom so I know what is going on with him during the night and so I can get up and turn him easily, during the night. I always have to get him to do a wee before bed by rubbing his tummy, which stimulates his bladder, but he was in a really deep sleep before we put him to bed last night and having seizures in his sleep, so I knew there was no way he would go before bed. If we don't get him to go before bed, we are (or I should say that I am) guaranteed to be up during the night to help him to go.

After he did a wee and I changed his nappy he then got some tummy pains - that often happens during the night too, so he started crying. I gave up in the end - got sick of sitting in the cold rubbing his tummy for fifteen minutes, so I put him into bed with us. It is funny how he is missing most of his brain, but usually no matter how much pain he is having in his own bed, it always seems to stop once he comes into our bed!! ;) He is a lot more like 'normal' kids than most people think!

The night before Aaron put him into bed and he straight away started arching as he didn't want to be in there. So we put him into bed with us for a little while and he straight away relaxed and went to sleep. Then Aaron puts him back into his own bed and he wakes up and stiffens up and arches again!! Rat bag!!

So from 12.30am this morning Noah was in bed with us. It is so hard to sleep when he is right next to you - he snores all the time and also I have to keep readjusting his position all night and rubbing his tummy to help his tummy ache. Noah woke up with a huge grin in our bed this morning - little rat!

Hopefully tonight I can go to bed and only wake up once to turn Noah over! I usually don't have much trouble getting out of bed in the morning, but this morning I struggled. I felt like I had a newborn all over again! Not fun. I often have Thursday's off the gym, as I play basketball on Thursday nights, so it worked out well today as I would be way too tired to do a class this morning. Hopefully this afternoon I can get Harri into bed early for his nap and can have a little nap myself :)


  1. Noah give your mom a break tonight she needs her sleep.
    wow, Lisa what a night. Hard to imagine that those two little sweet smiling boys in the picture could give you such a hard time.

  2. Lisa,
    I feel for you - Christian does the same thing - tip toes into our room and if he can gets into bed or just stands by the bed until I wake up and says "Mum I miss you" - he does this every night - sometimes 2 or 3 times. I have started to bribe him and buy him toys if he stays in his bed all night - It is costing me a fortune. I think it might be an age thing - Christian started at about 3 and a half.
    Hope you get a good nites sleep tonight.



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