Thursday, 25 October 2007

Kids Paradise

Today Nicki and Becky came into Launceston to do some shopping and to catch up with Mel before she goes back to Adelaide next week. Mel, Harri and I met them at Kids Paradise for lunch and a play.

Harri was hanging out all morning to go and kept asking when we were going to go. I told him that first we had to take the boys to school, and then clean the house up and then we could go. I was waiting for a call from Nicki and Becky to say what time they were going to Kids Paradise, but all morning Harri kept saying to me 'come on Mum - clean the house!' as he thought we could go as soon as the house was clean.

It was nice to catch up with them again and also Mel and to hear of her plans once she is married.

The kids all had a great time playing. The girls absolutely loved the ball pit - Maddi was very excited.

Kels loved climbing up and down the stair things on the Pirate ship. Poor Becky was worn out chasing her around all day I think.

It is nice having Harri at the age that he is as I could just let him go and know he was safe and could do things on his own. I'm dreading having to chase a little one around again!

After checking out the waterworks room, little shop and beauty parlour we all headed downstairs.

The girls loved the inflatable which we all sat on and bounced.

Everyone then had a go on the big inflatable slide. It is a new one and isn't as slippery or as big as the old one - everyone kept getting stuck. Harri loved it though - he just kept going and going!

It was a really nice day - very hot though so we were all exhausted.

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  1. what a great place, looks like lots of fun.


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