Remembering Noah

Noah is the amazing one (Lisa's talk at Noah's funeral)
I wouldn't be the person I am today (Jalens talk at Noah's funeral)
Noah will Sidestep! (Harri's talk at Noah's funeral)
Noah is my Hero (Aaron's talk at Noah's funeral)

Noah's Coffin
Our Last Act for You
Bubbles and Balloons
Noah's Body Sleeps Here
The Service
Those who came
Goodbye Noah
The Program
Jalen's Slideshow
Noah's School Memorial Service
Memorial Service
My Memorial Service Talk
Run for Noah
KMHS Remembers Noah
4 Weeks Ago

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  1. I so appreciate you writing this blog and telling all about your wonderful son Noah. I am the proud mommy to three hydran kiddos. Bryanne we lost when I was six months pregnant, we lost our sweet Bristol last July when she was twelve days old, and just this June we lost our princess Bailey three weeks before her fifteenth birthday. My husband and I read what both you and your husband spoke at Noah's service. It is word for word how we feel. We said that people all always telling us how lucky Bailey is to have us for parents but we always say the opposite is true WE are the lucky ones. Their sweet spirits touched so many lives without ever saying a word. And as the poo stories, we understand that all too well :). Your Noah was a lot like my Bailey. I know I will be with them all again, but heaven seems so far away right now. I know you unfortunately know that intense pain in your heart from losing a child that your life revolved around, Bailey was the boss in our house too. I am coming up to four months without my Bailey girl and just feel like I am survival mode right now, having a hard time accepting that she is really gone. Our faith in God is what is getting me through. I can't imagine losing my husband right now, and we will be married 18 years in two weeks. I feel myself sometimes pulling away from my husband because everything just hurts so bad right now. You would think I would know that you don't always have tomorrow with my daughter's unexpected death, but after reading your blog you have put it into perspective again. I need to treasure every minute with my soul mate, my husband. Thank you again and I will keep you and your boys in my prayers. Kristy


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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