Saturday, 6 October 2007

The First Christmas

This afternoon we had play practice for a production that our ward is putting on in December called 'The First Christmas'. It is a production based on a DVD put out by Liken It which is a company in the US. They make great DVDs which are mainly for kids about different stories from the scriptures. They are musicals and also have lots of comedy in them. We have all of their DVDs at home and the boys absolutely love them and want to watch them ALL week long!

I play a very important part - I'm a 'heavenly host' - an Angel. Of course it was easy for them to choose me for that part :) Today Collette informed me that I am also a 'village woman' in another scene, but lucky for me I don't have to do very much, except sing and sit and pretend to read a book to some kids.

Joe asked me to be the 'official photographer' which of course was hard for me to accept, since I don't like taking photos very much ;) There is a blog set up specifically for the ten groups around the world who are doing the production. The Liken It company has only given the rights to ten groups to do the production and I believe that we were one of the first wards who committed to do it.

So far we have just been running through the script so we all know what we are doing and where each of us come in, and have also had a few practices just with the singing.

The 'Brown family' minus the 'real' Dad - Jim

The Shepherds

'Angel Gabrielle' and 'Joseph'

'Joseph' and 'Mary'

Collette, Kristen and Joe are the directors and are doing a great job of keeping us on track.

Kylie is organising all the stage props etc. She is very well known for being very resourceful and getting great deals, and has already come across some great things to use - thanks to Harvey Norman's throw outs!

So keep December the 15th free if you want to see a great Christmas production! It should be really good and has a mix of great acting (we hope!), great music and is also very funny.


  1. you guys look like you are having a fantastic time! Kylie is GREAT with things like that, talented girl! Hope it is a huge success! Ohhh I might even be able to see it! Cooooool!

  2. Looks like lots of fun, Lisa I didn't know you were also an actor. Have a great time.

  3. Lokking forward to it! Jay and Harri have got me hooked on the Liken music!!


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