Sunday, 30 September 2007

Tea at Mum and Dad's

Now that Becky and Jared have moved to Devonport we thought it would be a good idea to have a potluck family tea once a month at Mum and Dad's house, so that we can all catch up together regularly. We decided that we will do it on the first Sunday of each month, except this month as we wanted to catch up with Chrish before he goes back home to Sydney on Wednesday.

It was great to see Chrish looking so much better! It was a fun night. Harri and Jay put on a show for us - talk about a crack up. They sang and danced away, till we told them we had enough - and even then they tried to keep going!

It is nice to see the boys and Kelsea and Maddi playing together, now that the girls are older. It is nice for them to have cousins that they will grow up with.

These two photos are just for you, Alex! Hope they suit :)

I forced the boys into getting some photos taken of the four of us and this one cracks me up - check out Harri's head behind us!

Kelsea was so cute with Noah. Usually she is really scared of him and starts crying- especially if he yells or starts vomiting, but today she was all over him. She even wanted to try out his wheelchair.

Dad had arranged with Aaron to buy them a new computer - compliments of Aaron's favourite store - eBay. During the week all the different parts arrived, so tonight Aaron got to take it all out and set it all up.

He then gave Mum a crash course in burning CD's. The first lesson was how to actually turn the computer on! Aaron still needs to get them a new modem until they can go on the internet, which Mum is looking forward to. She says that everyone knows what is going on with our lives except for her, as everyone gets to check out the blogs :) It will be interesting watching her try to work out the internet! :)

The boys had lots of fun playing with Maddi and Kelsea and sliding down Grandma and Grandpa's stairs. Kelsea was very clever showing us how she could climb to the top all night.

Dad had asked me for a haircut earlier in the week, so I took my scissors out to do it. It was the first hair cut he has had since he had the shunt put in, and it was very scary - especially when I would accidentally run my hand over the part of his head where the shunt was, and could feel it. I kept screaming and Dad thought it was a great joke.

Tea was really yummy. We have decided that next time we will go for a 'theme' night. We thought maybe Mexican may be the first theme.

During tea Becky asked me if I did 'girl hair cuts' as well, so I ended up trimming Becky's, Mum and Nicki's hair as well! Actually - Nicki got quite a bit cut off. I hope she doesn't regret it now. Then Jared decided he was also due for a bit of a trim up.

Harri was loving wrestling with Jared all night. Seems that everytime Jared is around my boys get VERY hyped! Harri kept coming to me all night saying 'where's Jared - I like him!'. Then when he would find him he would say 'I found you - I missed you!'. Poor Jared. It was great to see Chrish again. On the way home Aaron was saying that he wishes he lived down here still. If only he had a good full time job down here, so we could see him more often. Then again, we wouldn't have free accommodation in Sydney! As we were leaving Harri was calling out 'see you Frish!', so at least he remembered his name this time - kind of!


  1. look at you cutting hair! Way to go! What a fun family night! Been a long time that we have done something like that....

  2. Lisa I didn't know you cut hair, Junior needs a cut, can we make an appointment?
    Looks like a great night with the family.

  3. Oh look - a comment on my own page!! :) I don't really know how to cut hair - just self taught from when I was a teenager. Must be okay though as everyone is always wanting a trim :) Heidi - send Junior over and I will give him a cut any day! Somehow I don't think the airfare would be worth the cut though ;)


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