Friday, 19 December 2008

Our Monkeys

Ever since Noah was a baby we have given him the nickname 'monkey'. I don't know how it started - probably one day when he was being really cheeky and it has just stuck. Since then we have bought him monkey soft toys and he has a collection of t-shirts that have monkeys on them - the best one is the one that says 'grumpy monkey' as it suits Noah so well!!! Now it has been handed down to Harri and it suits him even better!

Kari had told me that they also did the same with Preston. He also had monkey soft toys. When Kari and her Mum and Dad organised for us to receive the money for Noah from Preston's fund, Kari said that one thing we should buy was a monkey soft toy for Noah, from Preston. We were going to do it before Christmas and put it under the tree, but this week we got a lovely surprise in the mail - all the way from New York. Mike and Cindy (Kari's parents) had sent Noah a little monkey already.

The past couple of weeks it's been so lovely knowing that if we want to go and buy something for Noah we can just do it without thinking twice. We have bought a few little things for him so far - mainly sensory stuff. This week I saw this awesome lava lamp on a huge stand at Target on sale for half price. I rushed in the first day of the sale and grabbed one for Noah. It is perfect as it sits right next to his recliner. His vision isn't great, but its awesome as it is so bright in the dark and really easy for him to see. He has been watching it closely all night.

We have a small area at home where Noah plays and we have bought a few extra things for it in the past couple of weeks, but my dream would be one day to have a house where we could have a room built just for Noah - with a sensory area which would be all blacked out and have lots of lights and things for him to look at.

It's been so great watching his reaction to it tonight.


  1. The monkey is so cute, and I absolutely love the lava lamp. I,ve never seen such a big one. Do they have any left? It takes me back to my good old "hippy days" that you think I've not grown out of. Love Mum xxx

  2. That's so cool! I'm glad to hear that the money has continued to be such a blessing. Are you gonna end up getting the new wheelchair part you were talking about?

    Noah and the monkey look so gorgeous having a cuddle together :)

    I called Kobe 'monkey' the other day when I was talking to him. I just call all little babies 'monkey', actually. I will be sure to direct the name to Noah next time, though, to avoid confusion! Haha. Actually, from those photos and nicknames you had down the side a while back, I knew you called Noah that, so as soon as I said it to Kobe, I was like "oh, oops! Noah's the monkey!!" Hehe. Anyway. :)

  3. Noah you are one cute little monkey,
    love your special new toy from Preston.
    Lisa that lava lamp is really neat.

  4. Groovy lava lamp. You'll be able to have a cool disco at your house on New Years Eve. Aaron will be in his element!

  5. Mum - yes they had a few. They are on sale till Wednesday.

  6. Neat! That is so cool, all the little things that make Noah (and you all) happier.

  7. I loved the sensory room we had at my old work. I think I was more awestruck than the rest of them! You can do some pretty basic stuff to get one started. Though of course space is an issue. This post made me think Lava lamps just might be making a comeback, might have to pull mum and dad's out this weekend! woo hoo.
    P.S thanks for the purple hand explanation, I noticed them straight away. :)

  8. What a fantastic idea! The look on Noah's face says it all! Does he have a little one for his sensory room?

  9. Hi Kylie - yes he has a little lava lamp and also a glitter lamp in his 'little room' area. For Christmas he is also getting a spinning mirror ball which has different coloured lights shining onto it, so he is really going to have a disco in there after Christmas!


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