Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Wow - You're A 36 Year Old Dad!

That is what Jay wrote on the front of Aaron's birthday card that he made him. Today is Aaron's 36th birthday and Jay must think it's pretty amazing! The day started as any good birthday does - opening up presents and then cocoa pops for breakfast. Chrish gave Aaron a Hawthorn hoody which he didn't take off all morning - despite it being 21 degrees at 10am!

Aaron got a couple of guitar hero games for the playstation2 and had planned to spend the day playing those, but the day turned out very differently. We weren't quite prepared for Summer to hit all of a sudden, so we spent the morning searching for a good kids pool, and then Aaron put it together for the boys.

The boys thought it was fantastic - especially since you can plug the hose into it, and it sprays water out the top!

Aaron (the biggest kid of all!) joined in a bit of the pool and water fight action.

Kobe, Noah and I were more than content to sit under the tree and watch all the shenanigans.

Aaron's Dad and Step Mum dropped in for a visit, to which Harri quickly asks 'did you bring Dad a present!?'.

Mum also dropped in, and brought in some raspberries. Kobe tried his first ones and didn't think they were too bad!

For tea of course Aaron chose McDonalds - he really is a big kid! :) It was so nice though, that we enjoyed sitting outside.

Kobe just isn't a baby anymore. He is already loving the chips!

Lucky for me Aaron didn't want a birthday cake, but preferred just a frozen cheesecake from the supermarket again. Suited me! Who's silly idea is it to have a birthday so close to Christmas anyway!! Now that three of the boys are in bed, and it's quiet Aaron has finally pulled out the new guitar hero games - might be a long night!


  1. It was definitely a hot enough day for playing in the water!

    Looks like a fun birthday for Aaron! :)

    Bet you're bummed they picked Maccas and not KFC, though ;)

  2. 21 degrees and you think it's hot. haha.

    Hope they didnt freeze :)

    Looks like Aaron was happy, glad Star Track got the package there

  3. Uh hum Chrish!!! I said 21 degrees at 10am!!! It was 26 degrees when the boys were in the pool and that is 26 Tassie degrees - very hot burning sun, thank you very much!! :)
    I actually have a headache from too much sun and not drinking enough.

  4. Good to hear the traditional Macca's dinner is still happening. Kobe pokes his tongue out heaps. It's so cute! I think it's great that Aaron still gets so excited about his birthday.

  5. Looks like you all had a fantastic day. Happy Birthday Aaron.
    So weird to see you guys in the pool when it is sooo cold here.

  6. Happy Birthday Aaron!!
    If 26 is a Tassie heatwave then I still have some aclimatising to do (it was still long sleeves and jeans for me, though I did put the car air con on momentaraly after the car had been sitting in the sun).
    Cute kids!!

  7. Steph - don't forget that 26 in Launnie means it was 18 in Dunorlan!! ;)

  8. Glad you had a great day Aaron. Love the hoody! (Good to see Christian got one thing right, but making fun of Tassie weather - no-one EVER does that!!!)
    Love the pool - will drop my kids off for a swim when I go to work today!!!

  9. Lisa, My Mom (Barabara Winkel) just emailed my family to let us know about your email to her. I clicked on your blog and am smiling at what a wonderful and beautiful family you have! Randy and I have 3 boys and know what a busy life it can be. Happy Summer and Merry Christmas! hee hee :) ~Diana Fairhurst in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA

  10. Oh I am sooo jealous. It has been so cold here for the past 2 weeks-staying in the teen and single digits (Fahrenheit), but the kids are happy because it hasn't given the snow a chance to melt. I'm glad we live in a fairly warm area where winter doesn't last too long! :)

  11. I'm with ya about b'days so close to Xmas. I'm trying to get motivated for our Boxing Day b'day but the thought of making a cake at the end of Xmas Day is not appealing. I wonder if Sarra would be happy with a cake like Aaron's.

  12. haha thats awesome...maccas and frozen cheesecake what a way to celebrate!


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