Sunday, 30 December 2007

Noah's Disco

One of Noah's Christmas presents were some speakers that you can plug an Ipod or MP3 player into. They light up and sparkle in time with the music. Today was the first day that he has got to use them as he had a much happier day today :)

We decided to put them in his 'little room' so he could listen to the music while he was playing in there. He has had a 'little room' since he was a baby and it has helped his vision and co-ordination so much. When he was a baby he learned to kick the bells and wind chimes. He no longer kicks them, but now he will move his arms up to touch them. It has been the best thing for him as it is the only thing that he can do independently and he will stay in there happily for hours. He has grown out of the one he had as a baby (that we borrowed from Early Learning), but Uncle Eden made him a new one when he was down a couple of Summer's ago, and it should last him forever.

Our 'little room' is a vision therapists nightmare as we do all the things you aren't supposed to do with a child with cortical vision impairment (LOTS of colours and lights, including flashing lights), but it has worked for Noah, and his vision is so much better than it used to be. His vision teacher agrees that it obviously isn't overstimulating as it has helped him to see and he feels very comfortable in there.

Today he had a little disco happening. It was so cool to see his eyes when the music would stop and then start up again. He would look at the speakers and have this look on his face like 'what happened!?'.


  1. That looks better than any nightclub I've ever seen. Is there any music that he likes more than others?

  2. Simone - he used to love loud rock type music, but now he doesn't really have any favourites. He listens to all the usual kids stuff - Hi-5, Wiggles, Hooley Dooleys. His aide at school tells me that at school he has smiled a few times when listening to The Wiggles.

  3. Glad Noah had a better day, tell him Uncle Chrish is going to rough him up if he's grumpy when he is here.

  4. Lisa that is so cool, love the speakers I have never seen them before. Sure looks like Noah is enjoying himself. Glad to see the happy face again.

  5. Lisa,
    It is Stephanie from the hydran group. I am never on there anymore since Chris was misdiagnosed. Your blog is awesome!!! I love it. I have to do something like this for us. I cannot believe Noah is 6!!! Chris just turned 7. It is getting scary how old they are getting. I remember when I first met you online that was when they were babies. Well I just want to say I loved the site. I am preggo too!! Due in July. I am so excited for you guys!!! I am secretly wishing for another boy :) I am gonna stop by the hydran site and say hi to everyone. It is great to see how well your family is doing! YAY!

  6. that looks so cool lisa. do jalen and harri ever try and have a go?


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