Thursday, 11 December 2008

A Special Assembly

Today Harri, Kobe and I went to Newstead Heights School to the end of year assembly. It is the big event for the year, and many parents take time off work to go and watch. Kobe loved watching everything going on, but Harri was in a mood and decided about ten minutes after it started that he had enough! He wasn't keen on getting his photo taken either.

At the school there are three classes or groups. Noah is in group 1 with about 6-8 other kids (some are part time but most are full time at the school). Each group seems to have about 8 kids - most of them are in wheelchairs, but a few at the school are more physically able.

At the beginning they played some music which is something the kids sing and clap to every music lesson called 'Welcome to Music'. It was so funny seeing some of their faces when it came on as they broke out in big smiles.

One of the students - Dana, presented the Principal with an art work that all the students had been a part of.

Each group then had a slideshow of photos of each child doing different things throughout the year. After the slideshow each group presented something. Group 1 told the story of Santa's missing suit. Each child came out wearing something different. The aides had done an excellent job in making the different 'suits' to go over the top of the kids in their chairs. Noah was a skeleton (probably a good match for him, since he is so long and lanky!).

They all looked so good.

Each student was presented with a book and inside it has a special certificate for them. Noah's was for 'increased particiption in class'! I guess he didn't have much choice with that as Di broke her arm, but it all worked out in the end.

Group two did a little play which was co-written by two of the students in the group. It was great as the kids did a lot by using their switches to 'talk' (with the aides voices recorded on them).

Group three showed a play they did earlier in the year. It was the story of 'There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly', done using shadows. One of the aides was the old woman and the students were pushed along by the aides, and each student gave the old woman a different thing to swallow. It was very well done and very funny.

Unfortunately we had to leave early for another appointment, but it was a great assembly and so good to see the kids all together. We are looking forward to Noah being there for 3 days a week next year.


  1. Lisa that is so neat. I am very impressed by all they do with the kids at that school.
    Noah looks so cute in his santa hat.

  2. I agree! Noah looks very cute in the Santa hat! I like his skeleton cozzi too!
    Great to pop in this arvo. Harri sure is a character! :) I hope that the scooter doesn't result in any broken bones, but, Noah has some to spare from his costume, so it should be okay!

  3. It will be good when the holidays start so you can all sleep in and not have to live a such rigid routine. Love Mum xxx

  4. It was a great assembly, it do go a little long however! Wasn't Noah and Charlotte's class great with their performance. The T.A's did a great job with the costumes. I loved Noah in his skeleton, very cool.


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