Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Can Time Go Any Faster?

Oh boy it has been an exciting and long day for the boys today. Harri wakes up this morning and asks 'is it one more day till Christmas!?'. Tonight Jay asked me if there was any way to make time go any faster!

This afternoon Noah and I went out to see Marlo. She gave us some beautiful lillies from her garden, and Aaron was so excited when I brought them in and he smelt them as he says its the smell that really reminds him of Christmas at his Nan's house as a boy.

We had our usual Christmas Eve tea on the floor, with platters of fruit, meat and chocolate :)

I had some prawns and Jay kept looking at them saying 'are they really eyes!!?'. I told him they were and he said 'so they are real then!? Don't you care about the environment!?' (as he shoves a piece of ham in!!). Jay thinks it's okay to eat meat as long as it doesn't really look like something that was once alive.

Harri and Kobe both went to bed by 6.30pm (and surprisingly Harri actually fell asleep within 10 minutes!), but all night Jay has been jumping around all excited. He kept pulling out presents from under the tree, trying to work out what they were and tried to entice us with presents that he has put under there for us.

He's so glad there are now no more chocolates before Christmas!

Jay just went to bed, after writing Santa a note and putting him out some food. He must think he is very hungry! After ten minutes in bed he came running back out to make sure the front door was unlocked - since we don't have a chimney! Lucky he remembered or Santa might not have been able to get in!!


  1. Just as a back up - in case Santa gets REALLY busy, I will fill in! The plate of food looks so good! We'd better not leave him too much or he'll never fit down the next chimmney!

    My kids are still up - we had visitors until 5 mins ago!!!

    PS The word verification below for this comment is MINGS! Think it should've been KINGS!

  2. The flowers are beautiful. They always remind me of Christmas too. The should make that into a candle fragrance.
    Jae just cracks me up about the prawns and ham. He has a lot to learn yet. Hope you all get a good night's sleep and Santa doesn't wake everyone up.Wink wink.

  3. Gee Santa gets it good at your place. Those choccies look yummy. He will feel ripped off coming to our place with stale old biccies.

  4. I can see a half opened present under the tree! Who's the culprit? Kobe!?

    Your family tradition of tea on the floor is so cool :) I love it.

  5. Looks like you had a fun Christmas eve. I am getting ready to put on pot of potato soup which is our traditional Christmas even dinner.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Alison - yep! Kobe has been attacking that present for weeks. It was for Noah so we didn't worry too much about it ;)


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