Sunday, 7 December 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Last night we had our ward Christmas party at church. Being Summer we thought we would all sit on the lawn outside and have a BBQ tea. Of course being Summer in Tasmania any weather is possible (all in one day) and it ended up being very cold, windy and rainy. The guys ended up cooking the meat outside and then we ate inside the hall.

I think Kobe is definitely the cutest little elf around :) He had little reindeer's on his slippers and was so fascinated with them. He kept trying to pull them off.

Joe was the M.C. for the night.

After a while he started to run out of jokes. Jalen decided he wanted to step in! We couldn't get him or Joe off in the end!

After tea Santa (Kelvin) came to visit. He was so funny with his sunnies on. Jay was the first one to see Santa, so Santa asked him to be his helper and to give out bags of lollies to each of the kids after they had a turn with Santa.

When we went into town in the morning, Jalen ended up buying some sunnies for himself. It was so funny as he looked like he was Santa's security in the background. Talk about ruining good photos!!

Harri said Santa asked him if he wanted a Hawthorn DVD for Christmas. I told Harri that Santa knows everything, so he had better start being good! :)

It was Kobe's first experience with Santa and straight away he looked up at him, and all of a sudden had this horrified look on his face!

Noah was lucky and got to keep Santa's reindeer.

Each auxilary put on a Christmas skit. The Primary went first, although I do think they should've been the grand finale. They did the nativity play, and then at the end they sang a song that I had taught them called 'Could I Hold The Baby'. It was so cute. The kids did a great job and gave us a few little laughs, like when the Angels decided they just wanted to stand at the front of the stage and weren't going to move, and when Harri's crown fell over his eyes so he just left it there making silly faces!

In the song at the end Harri was sooooo loud when he sang (and not on key!) and was about half a bar behind everyone else. Everyone was laughing and asking Aaron where he gets it from. They thought he may have been taking lessons from Jack :) Jack was hilarious, borrowing Bronwen's wig.

This is the video of the kids singing at the end. You won't have to listen very hard to hear Harri singing - he is the loud one with the very broad accent saying 'baaaay beeee'.

The Young Women did a chipmunk song, with their faces upside down. It was very funny.

The Young Men did a great church version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. They all did such a good job and were so funny.

The Elders Quorum did 'Six White Boomers', wobble boards and all. It was such a crack up. One of the missionaries was dressed up as a Kangaroo and was bouncing around, while the rest of them played their wobble boards. Harri came running up to me and said 'I don't like this one, it's scary' and wanted me to hold him! Maybe it was because of Santa's black afro?

The High Priests sang a Christmas carol (well, it was mostly Jack!).

The missionary team did a funny skit where the missionaries GQ Santa and his helper. The funniest thing though was that Santa (Mark) kept losing his pants, and had to hold onto them the whole time.

The last skit was the Bishopric who did a very funny version of 'We Three Kings'.

Scary to think that this man is our bishop! ;)

It was a really fun night - great food, great friends and great entertainment.


  1. A Star is born!!!! Love Mum xxx

  2. What a fantastic night! Imagine Harri and Lol singing together!

  3. looks like lots of fun. Be careful I think Jess might try to steal Kobe :)

  4. East ward certainly has talent!


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