Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Shower for Sarah

Tonight I went to my cousin Sarah's baby shower. It was lovely to see her again, and was great to hear about what she has planned for the birth (a home birth!). She lives in Albury and we don't see a lot of each other. Coming home for Christmas and having a baby shower at the same time worked out well.

Flic, Bec and Helene all had planned some great games.

I was ripped off, only just losing the 'guess how big her tummy is' with string game.

It was nice to catch up with not only Sarah, but also Rebecca who we don't see very often either. It was funny as I arrived late, and there were a lot of people I didn't know there. They asked me to introduce myself and say something about myself, so I said 'I'm Lisa - Sarah's favourite cousin ;) and I have four boys'. Rebecca then says 'do you!!? I didn't know that!!!".

Pauline picked some flowers out of Aunty Wanda's garden and put them in Helene's hair. She looks like she should be doing the hula or something! Beautiful!


  1. I forgot the baby shower was on, so whats new about that. I hope she had a really nice time. Love Mum xxx

  2. ohh cool, great to see Sarah and hear and see she is about to have a baby! Hi Sarah!!!


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