Saturday, 6 December 2008

Where is Dasher and Comet!!?

Every December there is a competition running in town to win a plasma TV and surround sound home theatre system. To enter the competition you have to find pictures of all 9 reindeers in shop windows around town, and put your entry in a box. Last year Jay really wanted to enter it, but we never got around to looking for the reindeer. This year he grabbed an entry form weeks ago and yesterday he asked me if we could go into town to search for the reindeer. I don't know what we would do with another plasma TV, but Jay was keen and the chances of winning are very slim, so I thought we would take a trip into town today to see if we could find them. We printed out clues from the net before we went in.

The council also has a 'free park and ride' bus that runs from Inveresk car park into town, every 20 minutes. Harri has never been on a bus before, so I asked him if he would like to catch the bus into town. It actually would've been lots easier to just park in town, but the boys were so excited about it.

When we got on the bus Harri kept saying 'this is heaps of fun!!'. (please excuse the dodgy pics - I took our little point and shoot camera). We were the only ones on the bus on the way into town as we went in quite early. Of course the boys changed seats about five times!

The bus driver gave the boys a free balloon each and I got a free newspaper - bonus! All the way into town Harri kept saying 'this bus is really fast!'.

We started looking for reindeer as soon as we got into town and it didn't take us long to find the first three.

We ran into Jay's friend, Sophie and her little brother, Sam. They were also on the hunt for reindeer, so we swapped a couple of them to save us both going on a wild goose chase. The boys were pumped to see Santa walking up the Quandrant Mall and it was a bonus that he was handing out lollies.

Also in the Quadrant Mall was a display of the Three Wise Men. Harri was so excited and straight away ran over, pointing saying 'that one's me with the frankinsense!' (Harri has the frankinsense in the nativity play at church tonight).

We thought that we would find Dasher at the pet shop as the clue was 'Dasher is looking to visit his furry friends while in town'. He wasn't at the pet shop, but the boys loved seeing the animals (Harri was very happy that they were behind glass). Jay kept giving me the big guilt trip - 'when are we ever going to get a pet Mum?'.

It was a fun morning, but we couldn't find Dasher and Comet anywhere. We might make the trip in again next weekend to see if we can find them.


  1. Lisa that sounds like such a fun day.

  2. Hope you find Dasher and comet next weekend.

  3. How did you get Harri to concentrate? Glad you had a good day together!! Love Mum xxx


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