Wednesday, 17 December 2008

46 Days!

Noah has to be the slackest kid at school! I got his report today, as well as info telling me how many days he had off this year - 46 days!! No wonder he got held back in Prep last year! ;) Even when he is at school he can spend half the day asleep! I think he is one of the very few kids who get away with sleeping at school! This was him this morning - I wanted to get a pic of him with his teacher at Newstead Heights and he slept right through it!

Lots of Noah's absences were because of illness, but a lot was also because his aide Di was away and there was no one to do relief for her, as Noah has so many special needs that you have to be very trained for (e.g. feeding, dealing with seizures and suctioning).

Despite not being at school very much his teacher at Punchbowl wrote him a lovely report saying that 'Noah's presence in our class has been very much enjoyed by all of the children'.

Jay's report made us laugh as we knew exactly what it was going to say. He did very well and one statement that made us laugh was that 'he has a good sense of humor and enjoys contributing his ideas during class discussions and entertaining an audience'. In other words that means that he doesn't shut up and loves showing off! Jalen just loves school and is already looking forward to his class next year - hard to believe I will have three boys at school and one in grade 4! Where does the time go!?


  1. Noah you look so very ready for the school day, lol. Junior likes to pretend he is asleep when his teacher comes to see him.

  2. lots of excitement here too about school next yr although at first Darby was in tears cause her bestie isnt in her class! Oh I wish Hattie was gunna be in Kinder... still another yr!

    And as for my profile pic, we need a good photographer to come and take pics of us.... wanna put your hand up!!! but thanks for the reminder Lis!

  3. Noah looks sooooo cute in that photo, and so patriotic!! I wish I could sleep in class. Some 9am uni lectures, I definitely could! Looks like Noah has the right idea.

    One of my favorite/most funny things about uni has been making ratbags (not saying Jalen is a ratbag) sound positive. A student who calls out in class does indeed get a comment like "likes to contribute to class discussions!" But, I'm sure Jay's really is that he does like to contribute in an actual valuable way, not in the "he's looking at me, tell him to F off" *a real student I had at Mowbray* way.

    Something else I was thinking about today, just out of curiosity, what are you boys' middle names? I know Kobe's, but, not the rest!! You're such a good (and unique) name pickerouterer!

  4. Jalen Daniel
    Noah Aaron
    Harrison Issac
    Kobe James

  5. I LOVE those names. Sigh. :)

  6. Thanks Mum for letting Alison know the boys names. I haven't had a chance to sit down at the computer all day.
    Jalen is Daniel after my brother who passed away as a baby.
    Noah is obviously after his Dad.
    Harrison is Isaac as I just liked it and aaron wouldn't let me have it as his first name :)
    and Kobe is James as Aaron like the sound of it together.

  7. Awww, Noah is sooo cute! How is he doing? How are things?


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