Monday, 8 December 2008

My First Baby

Since Kobe has come along, my blog posts have often included something to do with Kobe and lots of pics of him. It's easy to talk about your baby and what they are up to, as everything is so new and exciting everyday.

My first baby though is really growing up and lately he has been really making me laugh. Jay was a really hard baby. For the first 6 months he screamed with reflux and hardly slept at all. He more than makes up for that now, as he is such a good boy and lots of fun to have around. He has the funniest sense of humor and most nights we have to listen to him tell us joke, after joke! When he was being one of the wise men in the nativity at church he wanted to wear the gold necklace and came out making these cool hand signals saying 'I'm the King with the bling'!.

This year I have really noticed Jay change a lot. He is now in grade 3 and is coming home telling us funny stories about 'so and so' who likes 'so and so' and this person is sitting next to that person etc. Of course he tells me that he isn't interested in girls at all! ;)

Jay has always been a very good boy - you would ask him to do something and he would just do it. He is still really good, but this year I'm noticing the cheeky side coming out in him more. He now thinks he can argue with you about something (like bedtime), but still is really good in that he will keep trying, but knows that what we say goes in the end.

When Jay was little he used to want to be a 'check out chick' and work at Coles. He later decided that he wanted to be a teacher (good choice!), and now he either wants to be a stand up comedian or a 'rock star'. He LOVES to tell jokes, and thinks it would be great to get paid for it. I'm still trying to convince him that being a teacher is the profession of choice, and keep reminding him that he would get a lot more holidays being a teacher! :)

As for being a rock star - he may have the looks, but not sure about the talent! ;)

Since Jay has bought his sunnies on Saturday, we haven't been able to get them off him! He had them on this morning when he came out of his bedroom and I told him that he couldn't take them to school, but I have a suspicion that they made their way in his school bag!

One thing I love doing with Jay is watching DVDs - especially musicals. He LOVES to watch musicals and about a year ago we had a period where we would watch a new musical every Friday together. The musicals ranged from 'The Sound of Music', 'High School Musical', 'Oliver', 'Annie' (my favourite!), to 'Grease'. Jay and I will sing away during the songs, and Aaron being the party pooper, doesn't join us! After each movie Jay would then ask Aaron to get the music for him and he would end up listening to the music each night and knows all the words and sings them over and over again.

Jay loves school and has lots of friends, and I am always told from his teacher's that he 'is a great kid'. He does really well at school (except that he struggles with his fine motor skills) and that is great, but I love it more when the teacher tells me what a good kid he is and how he gets along with and helps everyone.

We are very lucky that Jay is such a great kid. He gets annoyed by Harri wanting to do absolutely everything with him, but deep down he loves his brothers and is a great help. In lots of ways I feel like Jay is one of my friends. He has been with Aaron and I through lots of things that the other boys haven't - like when Noah was born and little and has been with us through all our homes that we have lived in. I think sometimes we leave Jay till last with giving him time with us as he hardly ever complains. We are very lucky that Jay was our firstborn as he is a great example to his brothers, and he will always be my baby (just don't tell him that or he will cringe!).


  1. Jalen, I was just looking at photos of you and Patrick the other day, from when you were babies. You have always been a gorgeous boy, and you are growing into a very handsome young man, and a wonderful big brother! We like hearing about what you are doing on your Mum's blog. Keep up the great work!

    PS Patrick thinks your glasses are VERY cool!

  2. Love all the photos of Jae,and yes he does look cool in his sunnies. It does seem like he has been with all of us forever,and oh man!! those jokes of his! I love him lots and I'm very proud of him. It's sad they have to grow up, but that's life.. A proud Grandma xxx

  3. Lisa, Jay is sure growing up. Great photos, those sun glasses are very cool.

  4. Awwh what a lovely post. I can't imagine Jay ever being naughty. That last photo of him and Kobe is beautiful. You have so many great photos, it would be hard to know which to choose to put in a frame.

  5. This is such a lovely post!! :)

    Yesterday when I first saw the pic of him with the microphone, I thought to myself that he looks very grown up. I'd like to hear some of his jokes!

    From what you write and say, I can definitely tell that he's a wonderful son and brother. :)

    Great pictures :) You should start taking portraits of other people and charging them out the ears for it.

  6. Oh what a beautiful post - I can see Jay is a real blessing to your family- and what a handsome young man!!!

  7. What a lovely read :)
    I know that my oldest often gets left out a bit because he just doesn't complain about missing out on the attention that little Liam and now Alyssa get instead. But it's nice to read your 'ode to the eldest'. He sounds like a really great kid. You've done well!

    I love the last photo there too - just gorgeous :)

  8. ohh bless bless bless... he is adorable!

  9. He will always have a special place in my heart.

  10. you would never know that there was such a special little man wrapped up in that cute cheeky little face ....thank you for sharing your boys ...just love them....nettie XXXXXXX
    PS tell Jay i can teach him a few moves if he wants to follow that stand up comedian thing ...but he better hurry i am going to resign soon...(do you think so????)

  11. How lovely. Thats one of the loveliest posts of all time.How nice to go all gushy when its not even his birthday. Theres not enough of it.
    I've got the girl for him in about 20 years.


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