Sunday, 21 December 2008

3 More Chocolates

The boys are getting soooo excited for Christmas. Yesterday we went to visit Santa and got a photo taken (will hopefully blog about that tomorrow). While we were waiting in line Jay says 'this Christmas is going to be the best Christmas ever'. I asked him why he thought that and he said 'we have Kobe and Noah is happy and well'.

It's nice that Jay still believes in Santa as some kids his age are telling him that Santa isn't really real. He knows that he only comes to those that believe (Jalen LOVES to read my blog and I know Santa does too, so I'm sure Santa will see that Jalen still believes and will definitely come to him this year ;)

When Jay went to bed tonight (for the second time) he walks past our nativity calendar hanging on the door and says 'only three more chocolates to Christmas!!'. What a nice way to look at it - if only we could measure everything by chocolate! :)


  1. Love the picture. I agree, everything should be measured by

  2. I'm with you Jalen - everything should be measured with chocolate! What a kind, thoughtful big brother you are - I'm sure Santa can't wait to come to you!

  3. Measuring everything by chocolate sounds like a really good idea, since, even if it was 100 chocolates till Christmas, you've still got 100 chocolates!!!

    I love that picture of your boys. So cute. Seriously, why aren't you charging people to have you take photos of their kids?

  4. Love this photo of the boys. We have ours on the fridge.


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