Sunday, 14 December 2008

Our Carols

Every December we have traditions that we do with the boys - go to the Christmas parade, go to the Carols by Candlelight and drive around and see the Christmas lights. We have been having typical Tasmanian weather ever since December has hit, with lots of wind, rain and cold, cold days. The day of the parade it was raining, so we decided not to go. Tonight the Carols by Candlelight are on at City Park and we really wanted to go, but this morning we woke up to rain and wind again. The rain cleared up, but it was still a horrible windy afternoon.

It is getting harder and harder to do 'normal' things with Noah lately as he needs so much suctioning. Windy, rainy days seem to be worse for him, so we made a decision to not go this year. The boys were disappointed, but we promised them that we would do something fun anyway.

We decided to have pancakes for tea. Sometimes for a treat we will have pancakes for breakfast, but never for tea. Harri thought it was fantastic and kept laughing saying 'pancakes for tea!!!!'.

Aaron LOVES to collect Christmas music and Christmas movies. He has been getting lots together over the past month, so tonight we watched a Christmas movie and had lots of yummy treats. The boys thought it was great.

It was a nice night, even though we missed out on going to Carols. Hopefully next year it will be a lot warmer and we will all get to go.


  1. That's dissapointing. It sounds like you still did something nice and memorable though to compensate.

  2. Pancakes for tea!! :) :)

    That sorta sounds like my house, except for, my step dad does things like "guess that secret ingredient" and puts vanilla extract in the scrambled eggs. Not so laughable as much as it is like curdled and overcooked custard.

    I'm sure your boys will remember the wonderful things you've all done with Noah, ESPECIALLY the goofy nights at home hanging out with one another!

  3. It sounds like a lovely night anyway. One to build memories from. Love Mum xxx

  4. Sounds like you guys had a fun night even though you couldn't go out.

  5. The weather is so changeable it's disappointing isn't it? I found a photo of our back lawn from this time two years ago and it was so dry you couldn't walk on it! This year it is still green and lush - just shows how much rain we've had!

    The pancake night would have been great!

  6. Hey Lisa isn't the weather terrible! We were going to go for teh first time to the Carols but decided that it would be too wet under foot to sit. Maybe next year will be a better year! SOunds like you had fun with the night anyway, pancakes yum yum!


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