Monday, 22 December 2008

An Awesome Santa

The past few years we have been getting the boys photo taken with Santa at Meadow Mews shopping centre. We used to go to Myer every year, and one year we were walking through Meadow Mews and stumbled across this lovely Santa and have been back ever since.

He is a lovely old man who we imagine is just like Santa. He is so great with the kids and spends lots of time with them and is really comfortable talking to them. He even remembered Noah's name from one year to the next. Last year we didn't think he was at Meadow Mews, as he wasn't where they usually have him. Instead we went to Myer again, and were very disappointed with the Santa there, as he just wasn't the same.

This year we figured out that Meadow Mews actually had the Santa in a different place, and on Saturday we were excited to go and see if it was the same man. It was and as we walked towards him he saw Noah and says 'oh Noah! How are you!?'. He remembered Noah from a couple of years ago!! He had Mrs Claus with him and she also remembered Noah and was so nice to him. They both were rubbing his arms and face and talking to him. He always asks how his year has been. It was amazing as Noah actually turned towards Santa when he was talking to him - we just wished we had the camera, but we weren't allowed to have it there.

Santa even asked if Noah came to see him last year, as he couldn't remember him coming! Kobe was asleep till just before they took the pic, so he looks like a stunned mullet!! I wish Noah was on the other side (he always looks towards the left) , but there was a big seat there and no room. The photo is very dodgy, but it's a nice memory.

After we left Aaron said how incredible the Santa is and how he is just how you imagine the real Santa to be. Jalen knows that he isn't the real Santa as he's too busy getting ready right now, but if we could've really met the real Santa, I don't think he could've been any better than this one is.


  1. Lisa, Tracey had Luke's photo taken with that Santa and I said the same thing - if the real Santa was here - that would be him! He just looks perfect - Quinn didn't think so though and he screamed! It is so lovely that he remembered Noah - think of the thousands of kids he must see - what a great Santa! That's what Christmas spirit is all about!

  2. What a nice Santa. I hope he is around next year. I,m surprised Kobe's not screaming his head off, because he cracks it with strangers sometimes.
    Noah looks like he has been into the Christmas cheer a little early.
    It's nice to have a photo every year, and see how the kids have grown. Love Mum xxx

  3. What a great Santa! Maddi had her first christmas photo taken with him a couple of years ago. Lovely decorations as well. It's great that Mrs Clause gets involved as well.

  4. Thats AWESOME...i hate tacky santas!

  5. Wow I am impressed that Meadow Mews Santa remembered after 2 yrs. It would be nice if he could do all the gigs around town.


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