Friday, 5 December 2008

Best Primary Activity Ever!

Jess is Jay's Primary teacher at church. In their class their is only Jalen and Katie. Jess has been teaching them for the last 6 months or so (maybe a bit less) and Jay loves her as a Primary teacher. Jay doesn't even care that it's just him and Katie. Sometimes Katie is away and Jay still doesn't mind being on his own. Every Sunday he tells us that they have to give their 'weekly update' and tell each other what has been happening with them that week.

Every Sunday night we ask the boys 'what did you learn in Primary today?' and Jay always loves telling us how they read a book and how it related to their lesson. Other times they dress up and do little role plays.

Tonight Jess came and picked up Jay to take him and Katie to the movies to see High School Musical 3!

Jay has been so excited all week for it. Looks like Katie was too as she had her High School Musical top on :)

It's nice that Jess takes such an interest in their lives and does such fun stuff with them. I wish I had a Primary teacher that would've taken me to the movies!


  1. WHAT?? where's my ticket?? haha...don't they look cute in the car! i'm gonna have to hunt down one of those t-shirts for myself!

  2. I see Jess smiling that smile at the start of the night, how was she at the end? :)


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