Saturday, 13 December 2008

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep?....

Kobe likes to keep us on our toes. Some nights he will sleep through the night, and other nights he will wake up about 3.30am. Whenever we go to bed we have no clue what kind of night we will have with him. We always just let him cry when he wakes up, and he eventually falls back to sleep on his own, but the broken sleep can really make you tired for days afterwards. With this face though it is very hard to be cross with him! We often tell him it's lucky he is so cute, or we would've given him away ;)

We are trying a few things after some advice from the child health nurse (things I hadn't ever tried before with the other three), and its starting to pay off with him having longer sleeps in the day time (up to three hours some days!) and he's getting better at night. We've had two good nights now, and I feel like a million dollars! Wish I had that much too ;)

I just wish all those teeth would hurry up and come, as I wouldn't have anything to blame then!


  1. How cute is that boy??? I hope the good sleeping patterns continue! I had a fantastic book called "Slep Right, Sleep Tight" by Rosey Cummings, when Lauren was a baby and it really helped. You can get it at Angus and Robertson and it's helped a lot of people I know. Just in case this new sleeping through the night doesn't last!

  2. Kylie - you actually bought that for us when Noah was born! :) It is a great book and we have been doing everything it says in there, but he's testing us! :) We are getting there.

  3. I can send you Fumiko! When we were having tough times with Lauren, she was staying with us from Japan. Lauren would be crying and then all of a sudden stop and I'd think "bliss - she's gone to sleep". NO - Fumiko would go in and PICK HER UP! We eventually got through it though! Goodluck with Kobe. Did I mention I really like being a Nanna - no more sleepless nights for me!

  4. Lisa, that little guy has the greatest smile. Love the pictures

  5. Thats' why God makes them cute!!!! Love Mum xxxx

  6. I'd like to know some of the tips from the Child Health Nurse. What are they? Alex is the same as Kobe, very unpredictable. He can sleep through some nights about 50%of the time.

  7. Noodles
    The child health nurse told us to let him cry when he wakes up at lunch time if he has slept shorter than an hour. He takes ten mins or so, but goes back to sleep and can sleep for up to three hours then. That has helped the night times I think.
    She also said to put his cot up on an angle to stop him getting jammed up in the corner at the top of his cot.
    She also said to put something really soft under his sheet - like a woollen underlay, but something even thicker like an old blanket or old doona. We put an old doona under it and its really soft and cosy now.
    She also said to always put him in a sleeping bag - even in summer. We have borrowed a summer sleeping bag from Pip as Oliver is too big for it.

  8. Oh, how I remember the good old days. Eden was a horror, and you too Lisa. Love Mum xxx


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