Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Friends From Far Away

Today I had a lovely lunch at Bec's house. Bec and I went to Kinder and right through school together, including Don College.

Don College is where we met Lynne, Samara and Fiona. Today we had a catch up with the three of them. Samara was down from Adelaide with her beautiful little baby Felix, Fiona came from Burnie with two of her girls - Bonnie and Meg, and Lynne dropped in during her lunch break from work.

Here we were 17 years ago - I think this was our last day at College together. When we started College there were two groups - the 'Deloraine girls' and the 'Ulverstone girls'. Obviously my cousin Penny and I knew each other and we all became one big group of friends.

We used to often have sleepovers at different houses - mostly up in Ulverstone. I came across this funny photo of us all at Fiona's house, eating toffee apples of all things! I recently put these pics up on facebook for the girls to see, and our friend Yolanda who also went to Don with us made a comment that was so true - that it was a usual Saturday night for us - 'no booze, no boys and... toffee apples!'.

I still think we look exactly the same! ;)

Felix is so tiny, and cute. He seems like such a happy baby.

Fiona's girls are really cute.

We had to get a photo of Kobe, Annie and Felix together. Annie wasn't sure which boy she wanted to hold hands with!

Annie and Felix soon got sick of the photos.

It was so nice to catch up with everyone at once, to reminisce and also meet new babies. It's really nice that we all have babies around the same age. One of us asked what we used to do before kids came along, and Bec replied 'ate toffee apples!'.


  1. You've got some classic photos their Lisa!

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for comment on our blog. Looks like you have a busy christmas coming up! nice to hear from you.

  3. Oh wow!! I worked at Coles in Hbt with Samara while we were both at uni and then I did my 'Articles' under the same Judge as her, a year after her and she taught me the ropes. I love Samara and pls say hi and pass on that we are related. Well thru Simon, but we can leave him out! :)

  4. What a great reunion! Did you meet up again through facebook? I remember when your High School Friends used to come over to our place. They would braid my hair and I would feel like a princess.

  5. Nicki - Bec and Samara met up again when they both lived in the UK and have kept in contact since. Lynne, Bec and I have kept in contact with email and since Lynne has moved back from Melbourne we catch up regularly, and Lynne and Fiona always keep in contact. So between the 5 of us we thought we should sort out some sort of catch up!

  6. Thats wonderful how you have kept in contact! Nothing like great friends.
    AND i have to say how impressed i am that you are so organised for Christmas.
    You really are 'super mum'

  7. haha...i actually think you guys look better NOW with flatter hair and not so much perm!

  8. I think so too Tone! We all had fluffy hair back then!!

  9. You know my fav girls name is Samara right?


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